Tips for Building your Own Website

If you have a mid-size business, you will definitely need a website that will act as an online sales person for your business. In the past, hosting a website was a very expensive affair, but these days the costs have reduced substantially. In fact, even small businesses today can think

Could Disruptive Innovations Lead To Reform? [Infographic]

Could Disruptive Innovations Lead To Reform? [Infographic] If you’re working toward your MBA in health management, chances are good that you want to affect change in what has become a struggling industry. You are also likely aware of the hurdles associated with curing the current healthcare crisis. With 11 billion

15 Superb Free jQuery Image Sliding Plugins

JQuery plays a vital part in the web design industry. The widely used are the free responsive jQuery image slider plugins for crafting attractive image sliders or photo gallery with amazing effects on your web page. The jQuery image sliders are also applied on portfolio websites. They are also used

Alternative uses for Android tablet computers

A most unfortunate event has happened in my life – my faithful Android tablet has taken the leap of faith from my lap and landed flat on its screen. The result (as it didn’t have no Gorilla Glass) is a broken screen and a heavily misbehaving digitizer, rendering it useless.

MobiKwik : Recharge Your Mobile Instantly

MobiKwik is the best and fast online mobile recharge site in India. Though, recharging the mobile phone has become the safe and easy procedure in online, MobiKwik offering the best offers with just few clicks. This gives you to recharge your mobile phone from anywhere and anytime, all you have

10 Beautiful Bootstrap Admin & Dashboard Themes

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web. Bootstrap helps you kickstart the development of webapps and websites. In this roundup we have gathered up a list of 10 Beautiful Bootstrap Admin & Dashboard Themes from . We hope

An overview of Hard disk Partitioning

Disk partitioning is the process of dividing a hard drive disk into multiple units or partitions in order to use different file systems on different unit. This can be done in order to improve storage space and for the easy access of file systems. Many drives do not have partitions

7 Must Downloaded Celebrity Created Apps

Although most celebrity apps are a waste of time, occasionally a few come out that are useful or just fun to play with. Here are a few recent celebrity apps worth a try. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood The famous-for-nothing Kim Kardashian actually gets that she’s a joke, and has turned herself

10 Quick Tips about Barcodes that You Should Know

For more than 30 decades now, barcode scanning has proved its utility in numerous industries, accentuating the fact that products based on state-of-the-art technology can also be accessible and easy to use. At this point, you are probably aware of the fact that barcodes can improve your workflow and contribute

Accounting Tools for The Digital Age

UAB Online

Best Cloud Storage Services in 2014

A few years ago cloud storage was a thing people couldn’t even imagine. Even today loads of people – some even IT specialists – don’t understand the concept. Some fear cloud storage services not to be secure, when they are among the most secure storage solutions available – except for

How to Build a Website Quickly and Easily

Being online is very important nowadays for every business, no matter how small it would be. Without it, a business simply does not exist for the new generation that uses the internet for everything – to read, to play, to interact, even to order a pizza. Creating a simple business