Top 5 Flash Games of 2014

Adobe Flash is one of the dynamic software that is primarily used for creating different kinds of animations and complex graphics. The intervention of this multimedia platform becomes essential for enhancing the user’s experience in a website and for the inclusion of beautiful graphics. Flash is the unique software with

Top 5 Best Selling Android Games

The boom in the Android mobiles has also rocketed the Android market. The Android market is loaded with thousands of application and games. Some of them are free and for some there is a price to pay. Some of the best Android addictive games which are quite popular and are

10 Useful jQuery Plugins for September 2012

  • March 30, 2014
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jQuery is one of the most popular javascript Libraries on the web, and developers as well as designers are more than familiar with jquery’s functionality and features. jQuery is one of the most expedient and concise JavaScript Libraries which goes onto simplifying HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax

Taking Marketing to a Whole New Level

Social media marketing has taken the world of business by storm. Each huge company, which has succeeded either, has a Facebook account, a Twitter account, among other social sites. This form of marketing has proven to be reliable and attractive to many customers as companies are able to let their


Nokia’s next flagship handset, Nokia Lumia 920 is all set to take the reins from the Nokia Lumia 900. Recently the Finnish firm has been through hard times with its own Symbian OS failing to deliver. Even partnering with Microsoft hasn’t proved to be a successful effort, as it is

Top 8 Fun Games on iPhone You Should Not Miss

Top eight fun games developed on the new iPhone in the recent days has transformed iPhone into an awfully useful device. With the appropriate application installed on the mobile, you may also transform to it to many kinds of tools or devices that will gratify your needs. One of the

Will horse-racing get more hi-tech?

The traditional image of betting at the races involves seeing a queue of people looking at the odds on a big board, queuing up for their little chits of paper that might bring them a small fortune should their horse come in first. Today, though, there’s no need for any

Increase Your Company Profits Using Marketing by Social Media

There are diverse ways on how an organization can strategically place themselves so as to attain the desired competitive edge. It is hence the sole duty of the company heads to keenly survey all marketing ventures that will work to the company’s advantage to increase the profit rates of their

Top 10 Platforms for Blogging Online

Blogs are ways to express your thoughts and you need to use the blogs to bring out the presence of the company that you are heading. The contents from your side are updated in the sites so that the regular internet users read them and get ideas about the topic

10 Useful WordPress Plugins That Photographers Are Crazy About

Photographers are among the most creative people in the world. In today’s world when photography has gone from analog to digital more and more photographers look to showcase their work online. Most photographers have given thumbs up to WordPress to manage their websites and photo blogs thanks to its user-friendliness.

11 Vital Blogging Plugins Every WordPress User Must Have

The importance of WordPress for website owners and bloggers are known to all. One can cache a browser, a web page, any database, object, and most importantly the CDN support. By caching your WordPress, you can improve the speed of your website, thereby improving the traffic of your website. By

8 New JavaScript Libraries for Developers

While JavaScript, as first developed by Netscape (and later Mozilla), has long had a presence on the Web for many websites, it gained a particular pitch with the rise of the Web 2.0 era of computing, in which JavaScript became increasingly used for the development of user interfaces for applications,