15 Free Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone & iPad

Although Photo Editing can at times be regarded as a tough and time consuming task, it is necessary when attempting to enhance, modify and alter images.

However, the task of Photo Editing can also become an enjoyable endeavor when one has the appropriate tools to perform such edits. The right set of Photo Editing apps can enable a user to add a unique array of features and alter their images entirely.

With the following applications iphone users can edit their images to achieve their desired results whilst having fun doing so. These Free Image Enhancing Apps can make your workflow an enjoyable experience and not put a dent in ones pocket since they can be downloaded freely and used without restrictions, all courtesy of SkyTechGeek.

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1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Photo Express is one of the best iphone photo editing application which assists users to edit, rotate, flip, tilt the photograph; Users can add filters like soft focus, sketch and sharpen. It allows users to add number of effects like Vibrant, Pop, Border, Vignette Blur and many more. This application is simple and easy to run, which doesn’t conflict the mind of users.

2. Photo Pad

Photo Pad is available for both iphone and ipad and its new version contains lots of features such as color adjustment, picture adjustment, cropping, image resizing, Posterize and many more and the most important feature of photo pad is, users can order ZAGG skins which allows users to take high quality photo prints.

3. Picture Effect

Picture Effect enables its users to turn their pictures into a sketch, retro photos and modern style photos by pressing a single button. Its simple user interface allows users to easily experiment with the images and it also enables users to adjust the color balance, flip and brightness adjustment. There are lots of adjustments available with this application such as Sepia, Black and White, Pencil Paint, Mirror, Swirl, Neon Light, Hue Green, Rainbow and many more.

4. Color Effects

Color Effects assists users to change the color of their photographs entirely, users can change their photos color in purple, yellow, green in any color and they can turn their pictures in multiple color pictures.

5. Art Studio

Art studio works just like a Photoshop for iphone and ipad, it contains lots of features which enables users to do a lot more with their pictures, its simple and easy user interface is easy to use and doesn’t distract user’s mind. It provides two canvas sizes 320×480, 640×960 it also supports retina display, it comes with 30 brushes including pencils wet brushes, erasers and many more. It comes with layers add new /delete/reorder/duplicate/ merge/clear/transparency/visibility – LAYER MASKS. It allows user to design shapes like rectangle, eclipse, polygon and square.

6. Auto Adjust

Auto Adjust as name says, enables users to rapidly adjust the color of their images like dull, dark and washed out photos, this is the only app which allows users to connect ipad, ipad 2 and iphone 4 directly to the projector and tv so that users can adjust and see the changes in real time.

7. Photo wizard Lite

Photo Wizard Lite is yet another photo editing application but it simple use and easy interface makes it perfect and one of the best app for photo editing, it provides several features few of them are like filter adjustment, lots of undo and redo, video tutorials, crop, color adjustment and auto save session.

8. Fat and Skinny Booth

Though photo editing is tough task but sometimes it becomes fun when such kind of apps give their users unique features to do a lot more with their images, Such applications allow users to alter facial features and totally recreate the appearance to suit their desired purposes , be it for professional or personal needs.

9. Spray Paint

Spray Paint as name shows it allows users to spray their images and background with realistic virtual paints. It contains a lot of features such like no. of mixing colors, fully zoomable painting, allows users to select the spray sizes, softness and strength. Users can share their images with their friends through facebook, email and can save to photo library.

10. Photo Mosaica

With Photo Mosaica users can turn their images in mosaic it allows users to zoom in so that they can see the actual image.

11. Hair Paint

Hair Paint is another fun application for Iphone and ipad users which enables them to change the hair color of their pictures, users can change the hair color in several colors and it also upgraded with some new hair color features such as Flowers, Shrubbery and Bad Dandruff.

12. Pho.to Lab

Photo Lab allows users to create photo montages, contact icons and phone wallpapers and it also provides more than 400 awesome effects for the photographs. With the unique and easy user interface users can do more with less time.

13. Photo Rage

Tearing a photo doesn’t seem good but with this Photo rage app not only users can tear and cut their photographs but this app cuts the photos so beautifully that users won’t stop theirselves to experiment with their photographs. Now show your emotions and anger with this application and cut the photographs and have fun…

14. iColorizer

icolorizer allows users to change the color and hues of objects in the picture easily and turn them in new unique look. With the help of icolorizer iphone and ipad users can turn their images and pictures in multicolor and selective color.

15. Photo Philter

photo philter just an application which allow its users to apply around 20 simple filters on their photographs, few of filters are blur, auto contrast, wave, motion blur, swirl, add noise effect and many more.

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