Top 5 Free Copy Utility Softwares for Windows

Gone are the days when people usually became annoyed due to the lousy performance of standard window copy utility, it possessed several drawbacks such as, lack of speed, failure to support error files, skipped during the copy process , unable to recover data from scratched disks and bed sector hard drives.

Such setbacks fueled the frustration of users especially when they had to transfer huge amount of files and in the end , the window copy utility failed to copy all the files due to the recurrence of some error and despite how many times they attempted to copy their data it would keep crashing and not allow them aware to view the information about the type of errors which occurred.

This is why STG once again has sorted out several copy utility softwares and collected 5 absolutely free best copy utilities for windows these software aren’t trail versions. They don’t nag the user yet there are pro versions available for the softwares but free the versions are quite sufficient for the tasks they provide. These copy utilities will not only give one a better user experience, but they will also allow one to copy their favorite music, movies and important files faster than ever before.

1. Tera Copy


Tera copy is one of the fastest and easiest ways to copy files from one drive to another drive, it is pretty compact and easy to use and contains lots of features which will allow users to access their files rapidly.


Tera copy uses caching and buffers which enables users to copy their data from one drive to another drive extremely fast. Tera copy uses two bars one shows overall copy progress and another shows individual file progress.

Tera copy utilises smart moves such as : if users have multiple copy sessions, Tera copy will pause the other copy process automatically until the first one completes. It also queues up additional copy/move sessions to the queue so that users can perfume large data transfers at thundering speed.

Tera copy passes through errors if any error occurs during the copy session. It not only displays the corrupt file with error but also makes several attempts to correct the error ; and if it fails to copy that file it skips that file and moves ahead to copy other files, and after completing the data copy, it shows the list of failed file transfers which failed to occur.

2. Unstoppable Copier

Unstoppable copier is another useful utility which copies and recovers data from the physically damaged compact disks and Dvds.


It allows users to recover data from the bad sector drives, or the disks from users can’t copy the data due to reading errors.

It also allows users to run the application through command line parameters.


3. Extreme Copy

Extreme Copy as the name denotes, allows users to copy their data with extreme speed. Users can copy their data files music and folders to another drive extremely fast. Extreme copy is available for both 64 bit CPU version and 32 bit CPU version.


Extreme copy can enhance the speed from 20 to 120 percent in comparison to the windows copy utility.

If some error occurs during the copy session extreme copy pauses the process and show the relevant errors, so users can fix them and can resume the session from previous point.

It offers fast copying from USB and other hard drives during the back up and spares a lot of time.


4. WinMend File Copy

WinMend file copy tool is batch file copy tool, which allows users to copy their files 3 times faster than the normal windows copy utility.


When users have to transfer large and so many bulk files it works 300 faster than the original window copy utility.

It provides the copy resume functionality, if one’s system crashes it can resume from the last point where it got stuck when the application is restarted.

It provides the error list which includes those files which couldn’t be copied after copying files, and allows users to fix them and copy them later.

One of the Major feature of WinMend Copy File is : that users can suspend the copy process temporarily if low disk or if the CPU is busy, users can perform other tasks first and then get back to the copy session again without affecting the overall copy progress and file which has been copied and allow it to remain the same as its prior stage.


5. Copy Handler

Copy Handler is absolutely free and can copy the files extremely fast than Windows copy utility, Copy Handler provides many features such as task queue it up, multiple language support, turn off of system after copying completion, and allows users to pause and resume the copy operations, filtering files and many more.


Copy Handler is fully customized with 60 outrageous features, which users can customize according to their needs.

Copy Handler shows the full details during the copy process such as current file, buffer size, destination drive, progress by size and visual bar, status and how much time elapsed and left.

It skips those files which can’t be copied due the occurrence of some errors and copies other files.

There are a myriad of copy utility softwares available on the market, and the Top 5 which I have mentioned here take first 5 place among all the others. Though these 5 utilities have their own unique features and I have personally tested them, and found that Tera Copy and WinMend File Copy fare above the rest. I personally use Tera copy which is not only efficient in recovering music files and documents from the scratched media, and bad sector disks but it also copies files faster than any other copy software and its GUI feature is quite easy to use and isn’t complicated to comprehend.

WinMend File Copy contains great features such as : it can pause the copying process if CPU is busy performing other tasks or the hard drive is on low space, and allows users to repair the low disk space and permits the CPU to finish its job which needs to be done immediately, WinMend copies files extremely fast up to 300 times faster than the standard window copy utility.

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