15 Creative Jquery Powered Sites For Inspiration

In today’s web design Jquery has become the most desirable and site enhancing powered framework for web developers. Jquery enables web designers in creating more innovative websites whilst making them user friendly simulatneously. Jquery powered websites are not only beautiful but more responsive and load quicker than the normal Flash powered websites.

Here on SkyTechGeek, we always strive in bringing you the best and unique stuff on the web, in addition to this, today we are listing some beautifully creative Jquery powered websites for your inspiration. These websites possess a great user interface which not only makes them visually appealing as far as their overall design goes , but moreover easy for the end user to navigate as well.

1. Paul Giacherio

An artistic website having great look and feel concept.

2. Modabots

Modabots deals in exciting and unqiue prizes such as Greeting cards, educational and Theraputic fun.

3. A Good Portfolio

A nice auto-slider for whole website contents.

4. icodelabs

Good use of mouse motion to navigate whole website and using cartoon art is also a unique experience.

5. Kasteel

Kastell is a restaurant site; users will scroll down and will see the magic as they will scroll down background image will change along with text which gives a stunning look to the site.

6. Indofolio

Gopal Raju a very talented and extremely skilled designer is the owner of this site, it gives the old Hindu Mythological feeling whoever visits this site, nice slider and awesome color combination of background make this site one of the most beautifully jquery powered site.

7. J. Walter Thompson

Nice magazine style website powered with jquery for easy navigation.

8. Fuel

Beautiful color change capability with the help of Jquery gives you an eye catching experience.

9. Helen & Josh Sitting in Tree

Greate concept to present your website, having great appeal in its interface.

10. Serial Cut

Great use of red and off-white color, creating an illusion of Flash website.

11. Jacob O’Neal

A portfolio website with good use of yellow color and some nice jquery effect.

12. My Artists

This is for ipod and iphone lovers, they can find any resources related to iPhone or iPad.

13. TLC

A good example of creative big header with the use of Jquery.

14. MiddleBury

An educational website with creative news gallery on home page.

15. bitly.tv

A video library website with grid arrangement of video files implementing jquery effect for better viewing experience.

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