Mind Maps : Free Open Source Mind Mapping Application

Mind Maps Open Source Application

A mind map is a diagram which displays tasks, ideas and concept related and arranged to a center key word or idea. Mind mapping software enables users to visually create diagrams of relationship between concepts, ideas and raw pieces of information which assist users to study and understand the subject deeply. Mind mapping software enhances the learning and study efficiency limit to one level.

Mind map is open source fully enriched with HTML 5 application. Mind maps application allows users to create more specific and clean mind maps in the browser by which users can concentrate and study their subjects visually and in scripted way.  Users can use Mind maps offline too, this application is in development process and it has much more to come. For using mind map users need good browser (Chrome10, Firefox 3.6 or, Safari5, Internet Explorer9 or above). Users can save their maps on local computers; users can make their ideas in unlimited hierarchy and users can even create sub ideas as their mind maps. Mind map has features of add, delete, open, save, do, undo and many more.
Mind Maps Free Open Source Application

There are a lot of mind mapping applications available in the market, Mind maps application is strikingly distinct and unique from other applications because in another applications users have to download them to their pc or system in order to use them, where users can use Mind Maps on their browser or even offline they don’t need to download it, yet it is available for download and on another hand other mind mapping apps are not that much creative, don’t have that much features and they are available as premium versions.

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