Mobilize.js : Quickly Transform Your Websites Into Mobile Websites

Mobile Js

Mobilize.js is HTML5 JavaScript framework which transforms any website into mobile site with the help of JavaScript, Mobilize can be easily integrated with any system, it uses those simple and easy technologies from which web developers are already familiar. Mobilize. js works in a smart way rather than displaying all the content on the mobile it displays only those content on the mobile which are essential, the Mobilize. js serves a normal web page and let the embedded java script file decide how the web page will be mobilized.


Mobilize. js is written in Java Script and jQuery; developers can easily use and work on it.

Mobilize. js is easy and can integrate with any system easily; users need to add one <script> tag; it works on static HTML files too.

Mobilize enables developer and users to display their websites in a unique and distinctive manner.

Mobilize. Js comes with own CDN solutions, users don’t need to mess with complex files, CDN automatically optimizes all JavaScript and CSS files.

It allows users to host their files for Intranet solutions.

How It Works

how it works

Users need to insert the <script> tags in their HTML source code, and then they can decide the contents of their websites which they want to show as a mobile site. After the web page loads Mobilize. js checks whether the site is for mobile browser or normal pc browser and after that few steps take place.

It eliminates text, CSS, JavaScript which is not necessary.

After that content reformatted for mobile display.

Jquery mobile theme applied on the page.

Mobilize. js can be integrated and used with every site, however there are plugins available for WordPress and Sphinx documentation System users. Mobile. js is an open source solution, it is hosted on Github it supports mostly all major type of phones and browsers such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Opera Mini and many other browsers. Mobile.js is simply best sutied for those web developers and business sites owners who want their sites for Mobile Users as well, and developers can easily create the mobile website and no matters if they have heavy contents on their websites; they can simply turn their web sites according to their mobile users needs.

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  2. sourabguha says:

    It’s good site.

  3. Keep working ,remarkable job!

  4. Rob says:

    Glad to see the mobile app/ mobile website industry is growing. Another tool that easily and quickly converts websites into “mobile ready” is Womple. Check it out:

    There is no question that mobile is where it’s at. Mobile devices will be the primary way people will access information.

    Happy to answer any questions about Womple.

    • Steam Table Victim says:

      Not sure why this was service was mentioned, since this thread was about on the fly conversion that mobilize.js does. Womple is not a comparable approach that does that. Not saying it’s bad–I don’t know–but in the context of this thread, it’s not relevant.

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