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PDF is a Portable Document Format, which is used for purposes such as eBooks, presentation files, design files such as Auto Cad and many more. It simply facilitates users to be able to view the particular file in its PDF documentation format along with high resolution images, charts , diagrams etc.

We have sorted through several Google Pages and got some pretty useful softwares which will assist users in their task of quickly converting their Doc, Excel, Power Point, Emails, and Web pages into a Pdf document. The following softwares are free and available and as well as premium versions, but all of these conversion tools meet every single aspect and requirement which one should have regarding Pdf Convertors.

1. Free Word/Doc Converter

Word Doc To Pdf Converter

Free word/ Doc Convertor is available free for the windows users. It enables users to convert any document to pdf format such as Doc, Docx, and Docm easily.
It enables user several Batch conversion of different formats to PDF.

This software enables users to get highly efficient and a high quality output without any compromise on the formatting.

Provide users Easy and simple access.

There are some drawbacks of this software just like users can only convert one file at a time and it also conflicts w/ the screen resolution during processing, but it meets to the user expectation and requirements at one level, Free word/doc Convertor is available absolutely free for the users, though users can get more features in a premium version.

2. Simpo Pdf converter

Simpo Pdf Creator

This is another excellent offline tool that can be used to create PDF files from the Office documents. It is available for free use along with premium version which includes many exceptional features and available for $29.95.
It consists simple and interactive interface which allows users to easily access and use Simpo Pdf reader so that users will not conflict with the GUI.

Provides Batch Processing, Simpo PDF converter supports multiple languages. It has capability to convert documents like Excel, PowerPoint; images to PDF and it also provide Secure PDF creation with encryption.

Simpo PDF converter supports multiple languages.

3. Primo Pdf Converter

Primo Pdf converter

This excellent software is from the Nitro PDF Software Company. Supports more than 300 file formats that can be converted to PDF format. It easy GUI feature makes this software one of the best pdf convert in its field.
Primo Pdf allows users to perform various pdf operations and it launches faster and it reduced to 7.2 mb software.
Create PDF files enables users to protect encrypt their pdf files which will restrict other users to read, write and edit the file.
It appends the newly created pdf files into another single pdf file, Convert PDF to other popular formats like Excel, RTF, and images.

4. Pdf Tiger

Pdf Tiger

Pdf Tiger let users allow to quickly convert their doc files to pdf files basically it is a doc to pdf convertor tool, it allows users to convert their doc, excel, images and PowerPoint files to the pdf documents.
With the help of Pdf Tiger users can also convert files such as html, swf flash files, plain text and images.
Pdf Tiger supports Bach file conversion and can convert more than 10,000 file at a time during the batch processing.

Pdf tiger is available for free download it is also available as premium version for $29.95 with some additional features.

5. Do Pdf Converter

Do Pdf Converter

Do PDF convertor enables user to convert their documents to searchable pdf files from any window application, users can covert Excel Sheets, Power Point Presentation Files, Auto Cad Drawings, emails, web pages, charts and many more.
It installs as a printer driver and enables users to generate the pdf files by clicking on the print command from any window application which is users are accessing at that point.

One of the great feature of Do Pdf convertor is users can change the size and resolution (74 dpi to 2400 dpi) of paper size according to their need, it also enables users to set the position of their files such as landscape or portrait view.
Do PDF reader supports multiple languages and converts the files quickly and it doesn’t use the Ram at all.
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