Soho Os | A Free Online Business Management Tool


Whether one is managing a small business or a big organization, one always needs a software which can easily maintain all of their business needs with a single mouse click . Every small business user or freelance entepreneur needs to be in full control of their business .SohoOs free online business management solution fulfills everything your online business needs such as invoicing, contacts, inventory , payments and much more. Managing your business has never been this easy as it is with Soho OS !

SohoOs- A Free Online Business Management Tool

The process of getting started is simple : one just needs to sign up at SohoOS , and begin maintaining your business data, contacts, clients, vendors and leads are bundled together in a simple, easy to use interface.

Once registered, one will find a welcome page along with a stylish dashboard, notes, quick links etc. Soho OS is bundled with numerous features ( see details below ).

SohoOs- A Free Online Business Management Tool


1. Contact System

The backbone of every business is clients and contacts, SohoOs makes client management easy and allows its users to add contacts, vendor, clients. Contacts can be imported with email services or from a .csv file as well. Aside from the contact import via manual mode, there is a contact form widget called Leads Widget and it allows users to add a contact list automatically. Users can manage and perform any actions directly from their contact lists.

2. Customizing Reports

How a business is operating and what type of operations are being conducted can be viewed with the help of the Reports sections, users can easily get analyzed data reports by utilizing this feature. SohoOs also provides its users customized and easily viewable reports which can be created with the help of an easily intuitive interface and niclye built in templates, which users can easily understand and can work and take appropriate action regarding their online tasks business tasks.

3. Projects

Users can create a numerous number of projects, tasks and operations with the start and end date, and can also assign milestones and responsibilities, which also allows users to track their projects with a customized project indicator.

SohoOs allows users to add their project charts, all of their information regarding their projects which will display on the screen with the easy data flow so users can easily understand the menial points regarding to the project.

4. Communication

SohoOs Communications Suit allows users to connect globally with a single mouse-click, it enables users to interact with a myriad of people in order to grow their business. SohoOs Communication Suit indulges local and international calls, Sms service on multiple destinations along with fax service, email campaigns even audio video conference calls.

5. Inventory

SohoOs manages all types of inventory, whether it is on a small start-up level or on a grander scale. It has an import feature so that one can import their previous inventory list quite easily without any interruption to their business. SohoOs provides a great feature which allows users to consult their inventory with other people with the help of SohoOs mobile capabilities.

6. Invoicing & Business Tools

SohoOs- A Free Online Business Management Tool

SohoOs allows users to easily create send and track all of their invoices , as well as perform billing operations from a single geographical location. With the help of SohoOs one can directly send out payment requests to clients, and clients can collect their payments through PayPal or credit cards. Users aren’t required to purchase any merchant accounts in order to pay their clients.

7. Marketing services

SohoOs- A Free Online Business Management Tool
When one is considering launching a new product or needs to endorse their product, SohoOs marketing services are intuitively created to meet those needs. SohoOs enables users to launch a campaign and track leads for their new and upcoming products, it monitors all marketing activities. It also helps users to assign a budget for their marketing campaign and activities and it makes sure that everything will stay inside the budget.

8. Mass Email Distribution

SohoOs- A Free Online Business Management Tool
Another important part of marketing activity is emailing the client in order to inform them if there is another product being launched or any new updates with their older products. SohoOs allows users to create and design their own messages, allows users to get their destination addresses from their contacts in a flash, as well as allowing users to send promotional emails along with the promotional specific alias names.

9. Documents Management

Regardless of whether a business is on the ground floor or on a corporate level , the process of document management always seems to be a tedious and time consuming process, however : it is an essential aspect and quite a necessary one in maintaining an organized activity and information log.

SohoOs provides easy management towards an entire business document filling system, it creates folders and assigns them to a particular client, vendor or any current ongoing project, by allowing users to add a numerous number of documents, and assigns them to different group of users.

10. Project Board

Project Board is all about finding and establishing good relationships with new or prospective customers. SohoOs has a built in revolutionary feature that integrates everyone from one centralized location whether a user is a freelancer and looking for a project or owners looking for the professionals who can work for them. Project Board is the perfect place for all of these things since it permits everyone to enter their professional profile and portfolio, users can easily bid and limit a budget on project, and allows users to search appropriate projects according to their skills by category.

When deciding what new IT system you are going to use to help you manage your business, don’t forget to also protect your company assets. The new solutions available on the cyber market are definitely going to help you handle every aspect of your company from accounting to human resources as well as inventory but you will have to face new challenges and threats. The virtualization of your information needs to be protected and data encryption control might be the right solution for you. It allows you to secure sensitive data in databases, applications, storages systems and cloud environments. You should check out the protective options out there before implementing any new management system.

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