Who Will Win the Web Browser Battle: Google Chrome Vs FireFox

Google Chrome VS Firefox

It’s always been a subject of heated discussion when it comes to the battle of the browsers: which is the best web browser amongst them . Internet explorer is trailing way behind in this race and new survey stats denote that the Internet Explorer market falls below 40% percent, and although IE still maintains first place with 40.9% percent and has completed its 16 year reign amongst the race of its competitor Web Browsers.

Firefox comes in second place with a 26% percent market share and in third place Google Chrome is running alongside with 23% percent; so there is only a marginal 3% percent difference between FireFox and Google Chrome.

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Who will win the Web Browser Battle: Google Chrome Vs FireFox

Users are continually switching from Firefox to Google Chrome in droves, and the reasons are many and varied behind this. Chrome seems to be the better and faster browser among all browsers, and along with its lightning fast speed- it offers more stability, privacy, number of games and extensions which make Google chrome one of the fastest growing browsers competing in this race.

Recently, Firefox launched its 5.0 version which disappointed many users due to its lack of speed in comparison to its previous versions, however when compared to other browsers developers said that it’s 20 times faster than its predecessor , albeit FireFox 5 is not doing well as its developer team had hoped it would have done nor hoped for that matter.

Here at STG we’ve always pondered as to what makes Google Chrome the fastest browser between the competition of preceding browsers , gives it its upper edge within the development community, and why users are constantly switching over to it. Thus, we conducted a detailed comparative study into Google Chrome features and compared it to the mighty Firefox and have concluded that Google Chrome is indeed the conquering champion amongst all other browsers and definitely deserves the laurel leaf over all other competitor browsers !

1. Speed: Faster Load Time

Who will win the Web Browser Battle: Google Chrome Vs FireFox

A survey conducted by Chrome developers shows that it takes only 8 seconds for Google Chrome when loading more than 15 fully working tabs, which shows how much quicker this browser loads while opening a new tab. Chrome uses webkit (webkit uses memory more efficiently, and it is easily embedded towards adapted devices) open source rendering engine which allows Chrome to load web pages more faster and more efficiently within the blink of an eye.

Google Chrome runs web applications faster than any other web browser because it uses faster and more effective V8 (java script virtual machine) Engine. V8 looks for the java script source code and generates a machine code that can run directly on the CPU that is running the browser, which enables web applications to load faster.

Chrome allows users a more effective search and navigation, a user can search and navigate both in the same address bar which is known as Omnibox, which allows them to search and type url address in that same box. Users can enable the instant feature which allows them to see the search result and the web addresses before they press enter; all one must do to incite these features is to follow these steps.
Go to options > click on Basis Check Search and click on Enable Instant Feature.

Though Firefox stats depict that its browser incorporates more effective JagerMonkey Java Script Engine , which allows faster start up times, rapid graphics rendering and improved page load speed, it also integrates compartments and more efficiently manages JavaScript objects to supporting ECMAScript5.
But most Chrome and FireFox users ( who have stepped onto the side of the Chrome Force ) agree that Chrome is much faster than the Firefox.

2. Security

Who will win the Web Browser Battle: Google Chrome Vs FireFox

Chrome uses sandboxing technique which helps it within preventing malware applications from installing themselves on a user’s computer; Sandbox uses an additional security layer of protection which protects against malicious web browsers. Chrome also gives a warning message to its user if they are about to visit a malware affected site.

On the opposing side of the fence , Firefox is doing extremely well within its security region with Instant Website ID, Private Browsing Anti-Phishing and customized security settings ; where users are able to customize settings for password and cookies. There are quite several security features which make Firefox an overall good Browser at its core, however some of these security features can be rather conflicting and somewhat difficult for the inexperienced user.
The simple and minimalistic usage along with its sandboxing technique makes Google Chrome somewhat better within its security region.

3. Privacy: Incognito Mode & Better Phishing

Who will win the Web Browser Battle: Google Chrome Vs FireFox

Google Chrome incorporates Incognito Mode, which allows users to omit their web browsing history and cookies automatically if they don’t wish to keep them on their computer after browsing. When surfing in incognito mode Chrome will delete any cookies created while browsing, once a user closes the incognito window. Respectively, Firefox also offers private browsing which allows users in browsing the internet an incognito mode, however simple and easy use of privacy features put Google Chrome somewhat farther ahead of Firefox.

4. More Stability

Who will win the Web Browser Battle: Google Chrome Vs FireFox

Stability is one of Google Chrome’s verities within making it more stable than other existing browsers and it doesn’t suffer as many crashes in comparison to other browsers. According to Chrome, when a user is writing their important emails or editing a document and it suffers a crash, one can lose their all of their work.

Chrome developers have diligently worked on this browser shortcoming, by making Chrome more stable than any other browser . Chrome doesnt suffer as many crashes when compared to other browsers such as Firefox, and despite the fact that it may suffer a crash at certain intervals , once it is re-launched it opens in restoration Mode, granting the user the option in re-opening prior tabs as well as its ability to load WebPages faster than any other browser.

Firefox often suffers crashes , and despite Mozilla possessing a session restore, which renders a users data again while they are writing emails or editing documents and while retrieving the web pages back, it’s page load of prior WebPages is quite slow in comparison to Chrome.

5. Entertainment: Most Popular Games

Who will win the Web Browser Battle: Google Chrome Vs FireFox

On the entertainment front , the Google Chrome Web Store provides some of the most entertaining and popular games over its competitors; Users can play Angry Birds which has quickly become one of the most popular online games since its inception.

Games are another reason in users switching to Chrome, although when it comes to Add-Ons , Firefox is somewhat ahead over Google Chrome because users are afforded a wide variety of such Add-On downloads daily. However, developers of Google Chrome also provide a vast array of Web Developing Tools which enable Designers and Developers alike within their web related projects.

6. Memory Consumption

When comparing memory consumption , the truth of the matter is that Firefox consumes more memory than Google Chrome does, as well as Firefox takes more time in releasing its memory resources, while Chrome with 10 active web pages along with 10 active tabs consumes around 230 mb and where Firefox took 130 mb for 10 tabs, by quickly closing the tabs Google chrome dropped to 20 mb while Firefox went back by only 96 mb which shows that FireFox consumes more memory over Google Chrome.

Since the inception of Google Chrome and its web emergence, it has been dominating the web browser world rapidly and ascending the ladder towards success. Google Chrome is gaining the attention and allegiance of most users now , while steadily maintaining a 23% percent market share in third place; and no wonder, predictably, it will ultimately end up usurping Firefox in the end as the Browser of Choice ( for users and developers alike ) ; Firefox is trailing behind due to its lack of speed and stability, and it is losing most of its users on rather rapidly.

If Firefox wants to remain and survive in this race of Best Browser , it will need to improve its overall slow speed and memory consumption. Google Chrome is gaining a user base amongst users through its savvy features as well as its new games and Developer Tools which serve very useful for developers and designers alike.

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