Is Your Content Consumably Viral ?

Is Your Content Consumably Viral ?
Writing an article isn’t deemed a difficult undertaking, if one can keep a few basics in mind and utilize ways by which to make that article go viral. Anyone can start a blog, but the steps it takes in maintaining and earning from that blog can turn out being somewhat a difficult enterprise, and most bloggers soon lose hope and interest within their frustration at the time it may end up taking in getting their Blog off the ground.
However, with few important and easy to follow steps and tips, they not only can make their blog popular but they can earn a substantial amount from their blogs.

One should keep in mind that, while writing an article their content should contain a quality amount of resourceful information. Articles which lack completion or simply contain a lack of resources and are not well written will end up failing not only amongst their targeted audience, but on the social networks and bookmarking sites.

Here at SkyTechGeek we wanted to share our experience with our audience, in how one can incorporate a few simple and fundamental steps which will enable them to maintain and earn from their blog.

1. Write Consumable Content.

 Is Your Content Consumably Viral ?

In Blogging, a blogger should concentrate on topics which aim at attracting visitor attention. When writing an article, a writer should focus upon the content- which should have the potential to do well amongst social networks.
An article should contain simple and understandable content, which can be easily grasped by an audience. This simply means that one’s post should encompass and cover a wide range of topics for beginners, and cater along the lines to the intermediate and advanced level readers; or one can focus on a particular niche and create articles which can cover the needs of a particular type or reader. Articles that go viral have the capacity of attracting a vast web audience and, those who come across it and like it enough, will spread it across the major social networks, thus : Making it viral.

2. Gathering Quality Information For An Article

 Is Your Content Consumably Viral ?
When writing, never walk away from an incomplete post. Never abandon something which is incomplete; many bloggers make this mistake when they encounter an obstacle in their endeavor towards comprising information for their article. The solution to this would be to include small and useful information snippets within the overall article which can make the post short and sweet.
After writing a post your goal should be in finding or gathering more information related to the particular category or niche, by which to make the article more specifically targeted to the particular genre but overall : definable and comprehensive for all readers.
Most articles which are written generally fail, despite their content matter, mainly due to the fact that they contain no more than 300 words because the content creator of the article failed to ensure taking the necessary steps within gathering the required resources for that article, but overall these factors have to do with ‘ writers block ‘ (which most content writers encounter) as well as a lack of strategy.

One should endeavor in making their article to serve as a guide for their readers, so that their content is able to cover not only the topic which it is aimed at, but to furthermore be able to answer every question with the readers mind.

3. Bringing New Concepts & Defining Them From A Different Angle

Is Your Content Consumably Viral ?

Sometimes it can be rather difficult in discovering new concepts or subject – matter every time one endeavors to write a post. However, there are a plethora of new topics, innovations which are available within every industry, and every particular niche, which anyone can discover simply by using a well defined query on the webs search engines.
Content writers (or Bloggers), simply need to focus or aim towards things taking place globally, and interpret or define such events from a different angle; meaning, redefining that given topic or event from ones personal perspective.
Defining an event or topic from ones personal perspective is equivalent to ‘ story telling’. If one can take any subject or event , and present it within simplistic ‘ lay-man terms’ to their readers without bombarding them with unnecessary jargon, then the chances of that reader / user returning to your site ( content ) are far greater than they would have been if your content is unimaginative and complex or badly defined.

4. Targeting Your Content Towards Social Networks

Is Your Content Consumably Viral ?

There are wide range of social bookmarking sites available across the web such as: Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Reddit and several other such content sharing sites aimed at helping bloggers distribute their content and make it viral; and within the same token allow users ( readers ) in discovering what they are seeking.

Users who frequent these social bookmarking sites, all have and share one common denominator: They are all in quest of Information. This user defined information can apply towards a wide range of topics, genres, categories and niches; however the common factor which binds all web users is that they are all in search or some type of information (or content) regarding their needs and tastes.
If ones goal isn’t aimed towards having their content widespread amongst the social media networks, but they instead want their article to do well on a particular social network such as Digg or Twitter, then the rule of thumb to always keep in mind is : ensuring that your content is well written and aimed towards that particular social network site which caters to your topic or subject matter. If your content contains media such as: images (photography, illustration, art) then the major social network which one should target their post to would be a network such as Stumble upon, for example.
Keeping this in mind can enable ones content to become more viral, if it is targeted towards such a particular bookmark site where other users who frequent this site are also there looking for the same content you are putting out there.

5. Formatting Your Posts Effectively

Is Your Content Consumably Viral ?
The visual presentation of an article plays an important part and it puts a deep impact on the reader. Images not only help visitors to visually understand and absorb the overall article, but furthermore make the article more interesting and comprehensive.
A bunch of text without proper headings and images which help to better depict the story line or the article itself, will not gain the attention of your visitors ( readers ); one needs to format their blog posts more specifically as in : not including or utilizing large ugly and distracting ads and banners below post headers, which either deter or distract the reader from even looking at your articles.
Ads should be placed at appropriate positions within your posts so that visitors don’t feel bombarded and asphyxiated from ads when reading the post. Therefore, define appropriate headings, incorporate visually attractive images and don’t omit to include importantly defined search terms within the post which will enable it to becoming viral

Is Your Content Consumably Viral ?
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