Why Your Blog Sucks

Why Your Blog Sucks?

The greater majority of Bloggers probably put a great deal of thought and effort into the design of a blog when they first embark upon blogging, but once a blog is launched there seems to be a tendency in which : most bloggers tend to type up a post and hit the publish button, without giving much thought to the visual elements of their posts aside from their content.

The heart and soul of any blog post is the content itself, however, the overall design, and layout, or formatting certainly impacts the attention that visitors give to the content. The way by which one designs and maintains their blog affects not only the visitor rate but also its popularity.

Below we have a few simple steps which anyone embarking into the world of Blogging will be able to utilize and follow in order to create a successful high traffic blog which users will keep returning to.

Writing Misleading Content

Why Your Blog Sucks?
Most bloggers encounter what is known amongst the professional literary world as “writers block”, and usually experience a type of “shut down” when it comes to having to think of what they will write. They also tend to end up entrapping themselves in numbers or niches and not only does this create more mental conflict, but they also end up misleading their audience as well.

Bloggers need to understand that they should only present the type of content to their audience ( or readers) in which they possess insight and bear knowledge into which will not represent the stumbling blocks ( or writers block ) mentioned afore; which will make their content more consumable and easier absorbed by the mass public frequenting their blogs.

Writing content which is more specifically tailored to your readers and thus being more elaborate within how one expresses themselves within simplistic terminology, with the goal or aim of: giving something new to your readers rather than misleading them by writing on topics which you may not possess knowledge into.
Whether one is a newbie blogger or skilled pro blogger, many hold to the misconception that writing a lengthy post or article with complex jargon will gain reader attention and favoritism amongst the social share networks. But in essence, statistics have shown time and time again that: Web users don’t like to read articles the length of a daily Newspaper article. You will gain a higher reader return rate if you maintain concisely written articles sticking to what you know best and by keeping them short sweet and simple, which will enable and better guide your readers towards that particular subject/topic.

Lack of Introduction for a Post

Why Your Blog Sucks?
To make an article more impressive one should write the introductory lines which will include the information pertaining to the article , such as : what is the article all about, what type of information does it contain, what kind of resources does it provide and how it will help your audience to gain insight into something new.
Many bloggers forfeit an introduction to their articles, and begin writing without being concise or even elaborating to their readers what their article is about. Most readers end up grasping or understanding what the overall message or topic of the article is about after reading the titles so they jump thorough the introduction part to rest of the article but it is essential to have an introduction for your post which will make your article more accurate and specifically targeted, professional and beautiful.

Not Promoting Your Content to Proper Networks

Why Your Blog Sucks?
When it comes to Blogging, Social Media has turned out to be the back bone for blogging ; whether one is promoting their online Businesses, Product or mere literary content – Promoting your content across the social media share networks is pertinent and vital to maintaining your online visibility and lively-hood ( for many ).

It isn’t complicated to understand the basic fundamentals of social media; one can easily gain a basic understanding into: why social media is necessary for blogging, and conducting any online business. With the advent of the internet one can easily connect with various groups of people globally and bloggers need to understand that no matter how useful their resources are and how eloquently their articles are written, if those articles aren’t generated and funneled to a particular audience, then your Blogging efforts become a worthless endeavor which do not render profits nor desired results.

By looking towards how professional businesses and organizations endorse their products, bloggers need to follow those strategic marketing approaches within promoting their articles on social bookmarking sites which will get them huge traffic as well as decent earnings. There are numerous number of social bookmarking websites (Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Twitter, Delicious etc…) available; Bloggers simply need to understand how to utilize the power of social media so that they can do well with their blogs.

Lack of Google Analytics Study

Why Your Blog Sucks?
Utilizing Google Analytics into your site (blog) plays a major role when attempting to analyze traffic across the web and how your site (blog) is being affected or – unaffected by this traffic or lack of it. Google Analytics will enable bloggers to determine from where most of their traffic is coming from, the duration of time visitors spend on your site ( blog), the pages or particular content they viewed, and what the bounce rate for your blog ( site ) is and your particular article.

By knowing how many views one is receiving on a particular article they can eliminate the pressure of funneling (or promoting) that article and divert their focus upon promoting other articles they may have lined up.

Another major advantage of Google Analytics is that bloggers can determine the appropriate timing at which they should post their articles, after calculating the geographic location of your visitors (readers) which is landing on their blogs, another factor to be considered is posting the article according to their GMT time which will enable them in boosting their site traffic based on the time zone factor.

Improper Blog Formatting

Why Your Blog Sucks?
A rather large percent of Bloggers fail to add images or media to enhance their content, the greater majority of bloggers need to understand the basic needs of an article and need to enhance their posts with an array of visually creative images of media, which can end up making your content more attractive visually thus attracting the reader’s attention.

It isn’t a complicated task to paste images which are pertinent to your storyline and in essence represent your story. Every type of image can easily be found via a well defined Google Search and they will serve in enabling your readers grasp your content even further.
Ensure that you search and implement images or media which will help your audience to better understand the overall information regarding your topic, without over doing it.

Formatting of a blog can serve to be quite instrumental for your audience, however the major rule of thumb all bloggers should keep in mind is: NOT to use or implement annoying advertisements between their posts which distract the visitor and most times, readers may become so overly distracted that they may end up clicking on those ads and being redirected off your site – whereas: You have now lost your reader !

The proper placement of an advertisement within a blog (site) is really very tricky, and must be utilized accordingly, it’s quite helpful if one is adept at CSS by which to style certain ads and place them within such a way so they don’t end up becoming obtrusive.

Formatting your posts enhances and improves Reader Usability which makes your content eaiser to muster
through for the user.

Why Your Blog Sucks
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