10 Handy HTML5 Cheat Sheets For Geeks

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Cheat sheets are useful code reference charts which provide Developers and Web Designers with various code markup which serve as “shortcuts “around heavy laden coding on the part of the developer.



10 Handy HTML5 Cheat Sheets For Geeks

Since the introduction of HTML5 now offering a number of new elements and attributes that reflect typical usage on modern websites, which are semantic replacements for common uses of generic block such as (<div>) and inline (<span>) elements, for example <nav> (website navigation block), <footer>   (usually referring to bottom of web page or to last lines of HTML code), or <audio> and <video> instead of <object>; Developers and Designers alike are required to keep up with the changes by which to create clean semantic markup.


Below we have gathered 10 such Cheat Sheets by which to make the task related workflow of the developer and designer alike a bit less time consuming and stress free. Now Code away !



1 HTML 5 Cheat Sheet


2 HTML5 Visual Cheat Sheet

HTML 5 Visual Cheat Sheet

3 HTML5 id/class Name Cheat Sheet

HTML5 id class Name Cheat Sheet

4 HTML5 Canvas Cheat Sheet


5 HTML5 Pocket Books

HTML5 Pocket Book

6 HTML5 Security CheatSheet

HTML5 Security Cheat Sheet

7 HTML5 In W3C CheatSheet

HTML5 W3C Cheat Sheet

8 HTML5/CSS3 CheatSheet

HTML5 CSS3 CheatSheet

9 Ultimate HTML5 Cheat Sheet

ultimate HTML5 Cheat Sheet

10 Mobile Compatibility HTML5 CheatSheet

Mobile HTMl5 compatibility cheat sheet

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