8 Free iPhone Games To Test Your Skills

8 Free iPhone Games to test your skills
Working all day can be tedious and if one doesn’t find work interesting any more, it is the right time to intermit work and start playing some games which will entertain you and help you to get over work stress. Playing games not only kills your boredom but it is quite useful for doing brain exercise and makes your brain sharpen.

iPhone 4 has unveiled with new iOS 5 this month and its getting popular among everyone, as smart phones are getting better, gaming industry is also trying to bring various kind of new 3d and high resolution games to users. There are myriad of games are available on Mac store, but finding a particular and fun loving game is quite time consuming and even sometime few games can squander your money if you won’t find them useful.

Here at SkyTechGeek we spent some time on iPhone and played and tested these games that are basically puzzle and action games that will not only kill your boredom but they will test your skills and ability and will decide how smart you are. All of these games are absolutely free and you don’t need to spend money for these games. So start playing them and Enjoy !

1. Catch the Coins

Catch The Coins
It’s time to test your skill with one of the hardest physics – based puzzle game “Catch the Coins “. Colin is funny and greedy leprechaun who loves coins. Users can complete any level by helping Colin to catch only one coin, but their ultimate goal is to catch as many coins as possible to win all possible starts.

This game demands more brain exercise and it tests every part of your skill, in this game not all coins are easy to catch and users can build complicated constructions from wooden sticks in order to perform the trickiest catch of all coins on any level.
It includes 30 exciting levels, realistic and accurate physics engine, beautiful graphics, and thrilling puzzles to train your brain.

2. Hangman Deluxe

Hangman Monster
Hangman Deluxe is quite popular game among iPad users and it’s now available for iPhone and iPod touch and includes 4 different designed themes, 3 different levels and hundreds of words to find out, this hangman game will bring users more than any other available hangman app. Medium and long words can be unlocked by achieving specific scores, thus users need not to buy these apps.

Hangman Deluxe game includes small words level without time limitation, possibility to buy medium and long words packs to have more fun and challenge your friend and family, better design for more fun, worldwide player leader board and many more.

3. Trucker Dan VS. Zombies

Trucker Dan VS. Zombies
Trucker Dan Vs. Zombies is an action packed adventures game which includes mission missions such as caves, forests, graveyards, deserts, haunted farms, deserted lands and all sorts of scary places in hunt for zombie boss Zooplux. and his huge zombie army.

It includes more than 20 different zombies, high speed action with high resolution animation and sound effects, rare iPhone game which is available with cheat sheet ($2.99), more than 40 achievements on Game Centre and OpenFeint.

4. Rolling Fall

Rolling Fall
Rolling Fall is another most challenging puzzle game, zombies are scarred everywhere in the city and users have to set traps and entrap them to kick them out. This game includes over 80 levels of 4 scenes with nice music and shrill cries of zombies.
It challenges your techniques with the perfect physics performance; users can unlock levels with various strategies, Game center allows you to compete with other players and enables you to play this game with multiplayer.

5. Skill 15

Skill 15
This is the old famous 15 number puzzle where users have to put all the tiles in order. This game will test your brain and ability and who will put all the tiles in order quickly will win the game. This game is easy, simple addictive and fun.

6. Cats VS Toilet Paper

cats vs toilet
In this game users have to tear all the toilet paper from the roll before an angry human intervenes and stops the fun on their iphone screen. Users should be careful not to scratch their iphone. Users can choose shredding experience, different cats, and different locations for a unique restroom CAT astrophe. This game includes dozen of different cats, and also mighty Bengal tiger.

7. Diamond Shift

Diamond Shift
Diamond shift is fun game, users have to connect three diamonds to get diamond explosion. Connect four diamonds and you will get super diamond. Connect five diamonds you get super duper diamond that will blow off many diamonds. Diamond shift is free and bit tricky and lets you use your brain to explode diamonds. It’s totally free enjoy !

8. Blow Me Up Lite

Blow Me Up Lite
Blow Me UP Lite will test the limits of your hand eye coordination and reaction time. Not only users will tilt the device but users have to pumps to propel Blue to new heights while trying to collect those Golden Apples avoiding obstacles there is a bonus which will propel users 2x higher to get on top of Leader boards list even faster.
Blow Me Up Lite includes amazing 3d graphics, Retina on supported iOS devices, and Game Center for multiplayer.


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