6 Cool Gadgets & Concepts You’d Want In 2012

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Since the advent of gadgets and smart phones, tech companies are diligently working in the direction of creating and introducing neww concepts and features to smart phones, gadgets, etc. In 2012 numerous gadgets will be unveiled. here is the list of most awaited gadgets and concepts of 2012 that will not only come with striking new and odd features but will also go on to making life easier for its users.
Here at SkyTechGeek we wanted to introduce all of you Tech Gadget freaks to some new concepts and cool gadgets which will be unveiled in 2012. These gadgets and tech concepts aim to achieve tasks quickly and easily. Take a glimpse at a few of these innovative gadgets and concepts which are going to be on the market for the New Year.

1. iPad 3

Though an advanced tablet, the transformer prime would have to face the third generation iPad to make its prominence in the market. iPad 2 is expected to have evolved with many features to give birth to iPad3 retina display with 2048*1536 pixel resolution, thunderbolt technology and wireless sync, to name a few.
Though there are many rumors around the new iPad’s specs, apple freaks predict that the camera will be upgraded to 5 MP with LED flash technology. It will also feature an upgraded processor (A6) are new version of existing OS and iCloud sync.

Beside camera and other speculation, it’s a bit difficult to believe that Apple would actually consider making it thicker even if it is already .7 mm thicker, as Apple is been fairly obsessed with slimming down its products.

2. Asus Transformer Prime

Asus Transformer Prime_STG
You have been about to introduced to world’s most advanced tablet of these times. The Asus Transformer Prime runs on Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad –core mobile processor. Which has three times the graphical performance of its precede, Tegra 2.

The Transformer Prime’s stylish yet sturdy aluminum case wraps Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS (upgradable to Android 4 Ice cream sandwich), 1 GB DDR Ram and up to 64 GB of storage space. The tablet is also enriched with back breaking face reorganization software. The Prime’s price is around $600 for 64 GB version which almost giving a good fight to orthodox rival iPad 2.

The most exceptional feature of Asus Prime is its battery life which gives you up to 12 hours uninterrupted computing. (18 hours with the portable dock). Beside battery performance it also supports up to three times faster HTML5 and WebGL performance, and faster photo and video editing.

[highlight-red]Quick Look at Specifications: [/highlight-red]
10.1 “inch screen with 1280*800 resolution.
1080p video recording.
1.2 MP front camera, 8 MP main camera, 500 g weight, 12 hours battery life.

3. Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display

Last month, Samsung announced that company will launch flexible AMOLED displays by early 2012. The Korean tech giant’s Vice President Robert Yi had announced that “The application probably will start from the handset side and would follow on with other devices like tablets”.

The 4.5 inch flexible AMOLED display boasts 800*480 resolutions and can be folded into a 1 cm radius tube. What attracts eyeballs to AMOLED’s feature is its resistance. Since the[highlight-red]display is not made of circuits or glass it could even resist a hard blow by a hammer. [/highlight-red]


4. Nokia Gem

Nokia Gems _STG
Nokia revealed a new phone concept – GEM which has taken the realm of touch-screen smart phones to the next level a touch phone. It is dubbed the Gem because the phone has all around touch screen with interactive displays just like the facets of precious stone.
So if you are using a navigation app, for instance, you can have an overview just by flipping over the phone to the next side. Gestures are used to open apps in the phone since there are no physical buttons. Which futuristic design and its adaptability to common tasks, the eye candy will be a device that everyone would fall for.

Gem holds interactive back and front and makes possible for one to pinch and zoom the read of the phone while getting a constant clear view of the image on the front or you could have the same image at differing zoom factors on either side of the phone, allowing you to flip between a detailed map view and large scale area.
[highlight-red]You can wrap the image around the whole device or one each side with your finger tip as shown in the video.[/highlight-red]
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5. iPhone 5

When iphone 4s was launched there were scads of speculations that new iphone 4 will come with new features to its predecessors. But company launched new iphone 4s with minor changes along with iCloud feature in October 2011.
People are still waiting for iphone 5 and it’s a rumor that new iphone 5 will be much thinner, faster, and more efficient. It will be only half inch wider along with iOS 5, flash camera 8MP (up to 3264*2448P resolution, retina display and many more.

6. Amazon Smartphone

retail giant Amazone announced its intention of launching a smartphone few days back. With the success of Kindle, the company is raising the stakes to rival Apple-Google yet again. The phone would be manufactured by contract cellphone make Foxconn International Holding Ltd.
The firm expects the smartphone to adopt a Texax instruments processor and Qualcomm’s base band chips.The phone would be priced between $150 and $170.

6 Cool Gadgets & Concepts You’d Want In 2012
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