The Evocative Photography Of Luca Pierro

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Luca Pierro isn’t just an artist or photographer…he’s both as well as a self proclaimed musician. In brief : He is a plethoric artistically gifted individual one would say. One would imagine that he uses Photoshop to create all of the stunningly visual effects which he manages to evoke and capture within all of his photographs, however : these stunning self-portraits are produced using natural earthen elements with a stroke of genius, creativity and imagination.

Fourth Estate by Luca Pierro

Luca Pierro brings into play natural elements like flour, clay, milk, and water and infuses them with a great amount of creativity and imagination, which allows him to transcend through his images which evolve into visual poetry . Luca is the subject in focus throughout most of his collective work . It seems that he has set himself up as being the ” Canvas by which to paint on ” and within this imaginary celluloid canvas he has set himself upon , he manages to emerge as a chameleon through every frame , whereas : he manages to bring to the surface various facets of his intrinsic nature.

Lucas’ skill at being able to combine his natural environment with the forces of Art and create images which evoke emotions , and captivate the viewer- enables him to fall into the classification of something more Dali-esque and surreal as an artist, and had Dali been alive – he would definitely have attended a Luca Pierro Art Exhibition.

Luca’s love for the Arts was fueled at a very early stage in his life and it seems that it has developed without ceasing to continually plummet him forward as an artist. If one were to compare Pierro’s style as an Artist , my guess would be that they would equate him to possessing Andy Warhol’s philosophy on simply using bigger than life portraits infused with color, and Dali’s imagination of combining everyday elements and taking them beyond their limitations– crossing over into something more lucid and surreal.

” I have no advice to give. I can only say what is right for me. Try to figure out what you have inside. All images, colors, emotions are already inside of us because they are part of our human nature. The trick is to find a way to release this inner world. ” – Luca Pierro

Below is a small compilation of Luca Pierro’s work , and as one can easily assess : His work manages to not only lure us into his inner world with its explosion of colors and evocative images , but it also brings to the surface various facets of human nature , not only Lucas’ but our very own also.

Enjoy !

1. Soap

Soap by Luca Pierro


3.Fourth Estate



6.Self-Portrait in Clay

7.Afghan Boy


9.Whoa !

10.Frances’ Big Shame

11.What ?!

12.Using the Body as a Vehicle for Expression ( Book Cover )


14.Zebra Crossing

15.The Hat

The Hat

16.Do Not Tresspass

Do No Tresspass

17. Red Violence

18.The Veil

19.Visually Overload



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