15 Free Resume Photoshop Templates for Enhancing the Chance of Being Hired

With lots of economic crisis news from around the world could make some disturbance in any employee’s mind. If we talk about the current time, there is no guaranty of a permanent job for lifetime and retirement might be a myth for most of the employees. This is only the one scenario out of many which arises the requirement of better resume for good job hiring. Another might be – [highlight-yellow]switching job for better growth and salary increment[/highlight-yellow] with strong position. Situation may be various but the requirement is simply the one – better resume.

Resume writing is an art, which needs a lot of experience and effort to make it more appealing and effective in front of employers. Your portfolio is already gorgeous, but have you created a drool-worthy resume? This flimsy one-page document is more important than many people think: [highlight-yellow]the resume is the first portfolio piece that potential employers see[/highlight-yellow], and if they’re not impressed, chances are they won’t look at the rest of your portfolio because first impression is the last impression indeed.

One problem which stands tall in front of most of the resume writers is how to write an effective resume if you don’t know much about print media? Resume temples must be the best solution for this problem. There are many resume PSD templates are available in both paid and free categories, you can choose one according to the requirement and modify it too if you have enough creativity for that. So to make this work easier, we have collected [highlight-yellow]15 free resume PSD templates for increasing your chances of being hired[/highlight-yellow].


1. Elegant Resume Template

[button-white url=”#” target=”_self” position=”left”] Demo [/button-white] [button-white url=”http://printriver.blogspot.com/2010/12/free-resume-template-photoshop-elegant.html” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]



[button-white url=”http://sampleresumetemplate.net/” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


3. HTML Resume Template

[button-white url=”http://socialmediafish.com/free-html-resume-template-aid-job-hunting/” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


4. Ipseity Personal Branding

[button-white url=”http://john.do/blog/ipseity-personal-branding-wordpress-theme/” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


5.Free Creative Resume

[button-white url=”http://pgwebdesign.net/blog/free-creative-professional-photoshop-cv-template” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


6. Free Creative Resume Template Vol. 1

[button-white url=”http://printriver.blogspot.com/2011/10/free-creative-resume-template-vol-1.html” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


7. John Henry Doe

[button-white url=”http://www.graphicsfuel.com/2011/09/professional-resume-cv-template-psd/#data” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


8. Clean Resume

[button-white url=”http://elemisfreebies.com/07/14/clean-resume-free-psd-template/” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


9. John Doe

[button-white url=”http://www.graphicsfuel.com/2011/01/creative-resume-cv-psd-template/” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


10. Free One Page Pattern Resume Template (PSD)

[button-white url=”http://printriver.blogspot.com/2011/12/free-one-page-pattern-resume-template.html” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


11. Professional One Page Resume

[button-white url=”http://ibrandstudio.com/freebies/professional-one-page-resume” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


12. Clean One Page

[button-white url=”http://ibrandstudio.com/freebies/clean-one-page-resume” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


13. Resume / CV PSD

[button-white url=”http://freepsdfiles.net/graphics/resume-cv-psd-template/” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


14. Sarfraz Shoukat

[button-white url=”http://www.greepit.com/resume-template/resume-template-psd.zip” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]


15. One Page Résumé Site

[button-white url=”http://css-tricks.com/examples/OnePageResume/” target=”_self” position=”left”] Demo [/button-white] [button-white url=”http://css-tricks.com/one-page-resume-site/” target=”_self” position=”left”] Download [/button-white]

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