Realistic Pencil Vs Camera Artwork by Ben Heine

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Pencil vs. camera artwork includes a photograph and a simple semi-realistic pencil sketch, when combining both the sketch and photograph something along the surrealistic occurs. Pencil vs Camera artwork is a [highlight-yellow] composition of two mediums [/highlight-yellow]which enables both mediums to blend into one another and borders along the lines of the surrealistic.

Ben Heine Calls it [highlight-yellow] imagination vs reality or drawing vs photography[/highlight-yellow]. It is a new concept invented and initiated by Ben Heine in 2010,  which  is full of magic, illusion, poetry and surrealism. Ben usually integrates an inventive handmade drawing in front of a realistic background; it represents the inter- connection between the viewer, the artist and the artwork. The drawing is always in black and white while the photo is often very colorful; this amplifies the contrast between two mediums.


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Ben Heine - Digital Circlism

Ben Heine | Father of Digital Circlism

Ben grew up in Abidjan, Ivory Coast where he lived for 7 years of his early life, along with his parents and his 3 sisters. The family decided to return back to Brussels in 1990 where Ben studied Journalism and completed at IHECS (Belgium);  he also studied history of Art, Painting, and Sculpture at Hasting College of Arts & Technology in England.


We often see amazing pencils drawings and sketches here and there, or powerfully beautiful and captivating photographs on many websites  by a myriad of artists. Here at SkyTechGeek we have collected the awesome artworks of Ben Heine whose surrealist art concepts and trending artistic style , are to a greater degree [highlight-yellow] defining and carving out a new genre and a new classification of  “Digital Circlism” [/highlight-yellow] which is now evolving into the world of Art, whereas : it is combining a third unique surrealistic world.


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Enjoy !


1. If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

if you can dream it you can do it
A famous quote by Walt Disney, Bein Heine took this picture in Greece [highlight-yellow](at the ancient Thera, an antique city located at the top of Messavouno Mountain in the island of Santorini).[/highlight-yellow]


2.The Big Eye

The Big Eye
Ben took this photo in the “Palais des Beaux Arts” of Lille, France. [highlight-yellow]The big eye in the center of the composition defines the human eye and brain.[/highlight-yellow]


3. I love you Today More Than Yesterday



I love you
No matter the reason or those circumstances, I love you today more than yesterday; A quick sketch is made by Ben [highlight-yellow] to explore the love between two species.[/highlight-yellow]



4. Enter in Someone’s Mouth


Enter in Someone's mouth
A photo and a rough sketch made by Ben in a very narrow street in Fira, Santornini Island, Greece. This photo gives us a feeling of what it would be like to enter into someone’s mouth.


5. Skelton


This picture was taken in Braives Belgium, featuring Ben’s friend Sasha.


6. Photographer


This picture was taken near Hannut in Belgium and Ben also made a sketch that[highlight-yellow] focuses on a major dust problem while photographer takes a picture.[/highlight-yellow]


7. Horse Skelton


Horse Skelton
[highlight-yellow]Picture and rough sketch made by Ben in Greece.[/highlight-yellow]



8. Tramway : Gravity


The tramway called “Gravity “ taken and composed by Ben in Brussels Belgium.



9. Suffering in the World


Real fire, real fingers and real piece of paper, Ben took this photo in a[highlight-yellow] Polish forest and this is dedicated to all the people suffering in the world.[/highlight-yellow]


10. Checkmate


[highlight-yellow]This picture was taken under a church in Oia, Greece[/highlight-yellow]; Ben is very fond of chess, and he used to play chess every day.


11. New Dimension


3D Dimension
This 3d sketch and a photo made by Ben in Colongne, Germany.



12. Sebastian


[highlight-yellow]Ben dedicated this photo to his best friend Sebastian[/highlight-yellow], they have been working together since their 20’s.


13. Half Fish, Half Bird

Half fish
[highlight-yellow]This picture and quick sketch made by Ben in Greece.[/highlight-yellow]



14. When the Impossible Becomes Possible


Nothing impossible
This photo was taken by Benn in Greece and quick sketch made by Ben to [highlight-yellow] describe nothing is impossible in the world.[/highlight-yellow]



15. Students


Students in Cape Verde, [highlight-yellow]Western Africa.[/highlight-yellow]



16. Girl with a Pearl Earning

Girl with a Pearl Earning
The painting on the wall is a[highlight-yellow] reproduction by Mireak K. of the Girl with a peral Earning[/highlight-yellow]. Ben took this picture and made a rough sketch in Poland.


17. Moustache


A quick sketch of Ben’s left hand (with ballpoint pen) and [highlight-yellow]a photo with a soft flash in a mirror.[/highlight-yellow]


18. Baby in Mind


There is a baby in every one of us. Ben drew the little child insider he head and finally [highlight-yellow]decided to make it manifest into a flower of an imaginary plant.[/highlight-yellow]



19. Adam & Eve


Adam and Eve
This photo was taken at [highlight-yellow] “Art Brussels” fair happens every year in April in Belgium[highlight-yellow]. The picture shows an installation with contemporary sculptures of Adam and Eve and a B&W bookcase wallpaper in the background.



20. Fresh Countryside


Fresh Country side
This is a view of the fresh and beautiful countryside in Bravies Belgium.


21. Old Woman


Old Woman
Ben met an old woman in a street of venice, Itlay. She was walking alone and looking very sad, he decided to turn the mood around through his art .


When one lands upon Ben Heine’s site , the motto reads ” Keep Dreaming … Everything Is Possible ” and if you can dream it – you can do it ! Quite empowering and inspiring for an Artist to evoke change through his Art . For more information and Artworks , please visit :


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Realistic Pencil Vs Camera Artwork by Ben Heine
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