Top 10 Best Tablets on the Market for 2011

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With new tablets emerging into the market roughly every week, it has become a tedious affair to arrive at the best choice. So, here are the best tablets on the market, which are worth a second look.
You get to see numerous tablets in the current market, and if you are interested in finding out the best tablets on the market in 2011 financial year, then here’s just what the doctor ordered!

We’re quite sure that this list would help you in narrowing down at the best tablet that meets your needs, and fits your bill too.

1.Apple iPad 2


Apple iPad 2: Apple’s iPad continues to retain the commanding position even in 2011 with its new iPad 2 edition, while its army of challengers is constantly growing. The main compelling factors of this new model are its usability, a huge catalog of apps, long battery life, and price. The new iPad 2 is lighter and thinner, and it has come with an improved processor and display screen; it includes rear and front cameras. However, if you’re not in a hurry to buy a tablet right away, we’d recommend that you wait for the new iPad 3.

2. HP TouchPad


The latest Touchpad from the house of HP is a new 9.7-inch tablet, which has come with plentiful high-end features. It was expected to give a strong competition to iPad, but HP killed the product itself, thanks to their outrageous $99 sale that they ran, a few months back!

3. The Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon seems to be combining all small pieces in place to develop its own new advanced android tablet.
As a matter of fact, it is one of the strong competitors, which can defeat Apple in the race of occupying the top-position with its strengths in cloud computing and content. Although the Kindle Fire doesn’t offer everything that you’d want in your tablet, and it’s far from competing with an iPad, it makes an incredibly good bet that offers you true value for money!

4. BlackBerry PlayBook

The new BlackBerry Playbook developed by RIM looks very impressive, and it is expected to become a major player in the tablet market, particularly for businesses, which are previously committed and invested to the BES back-end infrastructure. It is a new 7-inch tablet, which has come with splendidly good performance, and it is one of the best tablets for web-browsing.

5.Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

The new Galaxy Tab 8.9 is a 7-inch tablet, which has been able to offer the first legitimate fight to the segment leader iPad. If it was priced below its actual price, then it might have been able to obtain even more good sales figures than it actually achieved.

6. HTC Flyer

Indeed, it’s the Android era, no wonder more than half of the tablets in this list are Android-powered and our next contender from the house of HTC is no except either.
It’s an impressive 7-inch tablet that has a stunning 1.0 GB RAM, 1.5 GHz CPU, 32GB of Flash storage, along with a special version of HTC’s trademark Sense UI, specifically designed for tablets.

7. B&N Nook Color

With a much need upgrade to Android 2.2 platform, the B&N Nook Color e-reader soon turned into an affordable tablet, with its own app store, and amazing form factor.
Although it has a heavy-handed UI, one can’t demand anything more at an unbelievable price of just $249

8. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

At a modest price tag of $399, ASUS doesn’t really provide bang for the buck, but it does come pretty close to the iPad, which lacks in two major departments –


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[highlight-black]b. lack of choice[/highlight-black]


And, this is where the Eee pad shines the most; it’s a trendy 10-inch tablet that runs on Android 3.0 powered by a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU.

9. Motorola Xoom

Google’s Moto-mobility deal made it very clear that they were ready to make a leap forward with Android, and the Moto Xoom was just a small showcase of what they had in mind, when they spent $12.5 billion on that acquisition!
Running on the latest Android 3.0 tablet OS, Motorola Xoom was the maiden Honeycomb tablet, and the very first to run on Verizon’s new 4G LTE superhighway as well. It retails around $749 without a contract, which isn’t too competitive.

10. Samsung Sliding PC 7

Samsung Sliding PC 7
It’s a legitimately intriguing Windows 7 tablet, which doesn’t look extravagant, but the slide-out keyboard is pretty impressive to say the least, and it very much fits the bill as a fully functional laptop, though its price tag of $650 wasn’t really appreciated by everyone!

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