Top 10 WordPress Plugins Worth Checking Out

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The main reason why I love WordPress is that it has thousands of free plugins, which enable one in customizing their blog over any other content management system. It does not matter what one needs to achieve from their blog, WordPress plugins can help Website owners achieve the desired result they seek– be it customizing the looks, improving the default functions, or speeding up their blog.

This is a list of the 10 most incredible WP plugins, and each of the below mentioned plugins have been personally used by me and I recommend them for beginners as well as experts alike !

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1. W3 Total Cache

This plugin is most useful for 2 reasons; the very first reason is it makes your site load a lot faster, and the second good reason is that it makes use of less CPU than using WordPress all by itself. If your site is hosted on a shared server, it’s crucial that you make use of this plugin or alternatives like WP Supercache to prevent excessive loads on the server, which may result in suspension of your blog, due to heavy consumption of shared CPU resources.
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2. Headspace-Wordpress

SEO Made Simple: It is a user friendly SEO plugin which helps you to drive your site to the top most position. Many SEO Engineers put lot of effort on working on SEO and less effort for writing good quality content, whereas using this plugin helps to focus back where it needed.
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3. Gravity Forms

This is an all in one plugin for WordPress, which helps in creating posts, media uploads, allows conditional logic, uploading images and doing much more.
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4. MaxBlog Press Affiliate Ninja

This is one of the most useful plugins, which reduces the amount of time taken to promote affiliate products. It helps in tracking links, identifying the KW’s and lots more – a great tool for those who are just getting started with affiliate marketing.
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5. WP-DBManager

This is a small yet powerful plugin, which helps a lot in backing up of your site. The main feature is it can email the backed up database to your personalised email on daily basis, or you can download the DB backup anytime by logging into your wordpress control panel. If you don’t want to lose your precious posts, better install this plugin right away, otherwise you’d definitely end up regretting when your blog gets hacked!
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6. Thank Me Later

This is an extraordinary plugin that emails all the new visitors effortlessly; additionally, you can email them later so as to remind them about the new posts through RSS feeds.
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7. WP-PageNavi

Those visitors are very much tired of links, but with this plugin you can make page buttons which takes the visitor directly to the desired portion of the page they wish to read.
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8. SEO Smart Links

Are you doing inter-linking for your posts, and find it terribly difficult to do it manually? Linking your articles to other articles is the best way to build in-links, and improve pagerank, and this plugin can make it a breeze to get the job done!
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9. DiggDigg Social Sharing

Digg is one of the most powerful social bookmarking sites which helps in driving traffic to your site. This plugin helps your posts get promoted in twitter and other social bookmarking and sharing sites.
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10. Feedburner Circulation

The era of the Feedburner chicklets is over; just install this plugin and it will show the total subscribers count. It’s important to flaunt your subscriber’s count to lure new visitors to subscribe to your blog; unless they know the popularity of your blog, they may not want to subscribe blindly!
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