Top 7 free iPhone Apps

Today we have more than 225,000 apps in the iTunes App Store. Yes this is the tabulated amount of iPhone apps, since they launched with a mere 500 apps a couple of years ago. There are apps related to specific tasks you do on a daily basis or there are apps that entertain you when you are all alone.

The latest Siri app was something revolutionary. There are apps which are premium and then there are many, which can be downloaded in your smartphones for free. Here we try to narrow it down to the : Top 7 free iPhone Apps.

1. Vevo

Any video present in the Vevo catalog can be streamed with the help of this app. You can create your own playlists, charts, watch video premiers, original programming and much more. Then are features like sending links to videos via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.
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2. PandoraBox

PandoraBox allows you to keep getting notifications about the latest apps that have released or are about to release. You can choose the kind of apps that you need and this app will keep sending you updates on them and their pricing many times a day. Many new apps are sold at a very less price or even for free for sometime as promotional offer. With PandoraBox you are sure to not miss out on these deals.
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3. AOL Radio

This free app allows the users to stream 150 terrestrial radio stations and 200 AOL online radio stations over both 3G cellular and Wi-Fi connections. The streaming radio capability of this app has made it quite popular amongst the users.

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4. Free GPS Tracker InstaMapper

InstaMapper is a free real time GPS tracking service. Users can use this app to track an iPhone online and they can also share their location with family and friends. While doing so they can also record the tracks for any kind of future analysis.

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5. MapQuest 4 Mobile

MapQuest 4 Mobile
This app is co-developed by AOL and MapQuest and is a GPS app exclusive for iPhone. This can be an excellent substitute for the built in Google Maps in iPhones and it also has an additional feature of voice commands. This is one of the must have apps for people who are always on the move.

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6. Bing

With Bing search app, searching anything just becomes seamless. You can search for products by just taking a picture of it, you can search maps with voice command, and you can get in touch with your friends and see what they are up to. You can almost find anything with this app, be it weather conditions, clips, images or local business listings.

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7. Camera Plus

camera plus
This App is for those who love photography. You just tap the app and then apply flash. Now you can zoom up
to 4x and then finally tap the camera icon to capture. With this app you also have the freedom to point and zoom. As your photo is being saved, the app lets you check your photo preview so that it can decide if you are all set for next shot.
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