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With technology surging forward at the speed of light, many gadgets with high end apps and features are being released on the market and many more will be making their appearance soon.

The plethora of Apps available  offer a wide range of features which simplify the life of the user in many ways. They allow you to be connected to the world at large , accessing files , sharing , music , media and just about anything one can imagine. In essence ; one has the world at their fingertips with a few provided ” extras ” .

One of the latest of such  Apps which will simplify user life and grant its user with a variety of ease of functions is – [highlight-red], which makes sharing URL links and photos much easier – all from your desktop ![/highlight-red] application

As users we daily log onto our computers and share links, thoughts, pictures and more with our friends and family as well as other users across a broad range of social platforms. We open a browser, type in the URL, log in to the service, open a status box and start typing. But what if that process could be scaled down to only two clicks of the mouse? Consider all the time you’d be saving!

With one can copy, paste and share their data more easily. There were days when a user was required to select text awkwardly for copying it and then go through the same process to paste it elsewhere. When it came to uploading images or other files one had to use a browser file-dialog box.

Advancing technological and development breakthroughs have proven such ways a real waste of time, and lacking in ease of use. is an App which seeks to enhance the life of its users, by improving the way in which a user shares , uploads and transfers data . is changing the basic way of sharing and uploading data. [highlight-red]Users can share their files to any supportive device such as iPhone in real time without any network support.[/highlight-red]

The App assures connectivity to its end user with the whole world easily and effectively. Tasks such as File sharing or other file types from word doc to simple text file, from image to archive file is controlled by one single click thanks to app. works in such a way that it converts the whole world into a hyperlink. Sharing becomes easier with share , whether it is an an article or some part of it to other users or whether you are reading it online of offline, with a simple click of the button. [highlight-red]Simply highlight the text and hit Ctrl+C on your keyboard (selecting Copy from the right click context menu works too). You should then see your favorite app/website icons appear.[/highlight-red] Click on one and it will open with your copied text already pasted in. [highlight-black]The last icon opens a full list of available apps/websites.[/highlight-black] share buttons


You can also copy any file and it will add the file path to your clipboard. The list of items that appear will be different. Only the services were you might post a file or file path are shown. setup options

When copying an image, selecting Facebook, Flickr, Paint, etc… will give the option to upload the image. Otherwise, the file path is pasted. [highlight-red]With the app you can select files such as documents, web pages, emails and PDFs directly from your Hard disk and publish them right onto your Facebook wall.[/highlight-red] Likewise, pictures can be uploaded from  Windows Explorer too. for Facebook


Whether you press Ctrl+C, Apple-command+C, or right-click and select “copy”, [highlight-red] will recognize all your commands. [/highlight-red]This will automatically pull up a series of buttons. then allows you to select a piece of text or an image and utilize it to access a wide variety of programs and online services ranging from the standard Microsoft Office software to the various social networking sites on the internet. google Google: After selecting a term to be searched for and finally marking it, app automatically opens up your default web browser and then loads the results of that query on the search results page. Its as easy as that. does not save your user data while sharing and transferring user sensitive case info; when viewing a movie, the buffering ranges about 10 minutes until it uploads to the recipient. Moreover,[highlight-red] it does not change the UI of your device or computer [/highlight-red], it simply creates an icon for accessing a particular application which a user can access by pressing Ctrl+C (for Mac-Users: ⌘+C) and the icon offers Google, Youtube,Gmail,Yahoo and a host of others from which to choose from,to easily share or transfer your info data. If you want to turn it off for certain applications, perhaps because you never use with them, you can do this in the settings menu.

With these exciting features you might be wondering at this point as to how much such an App will cost you?

Absolutely Nothing !

Because …..

It is absolutely Free !. is a free app which doesn’t include any hidden cost for you. It supports Google Maps, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Excel, Word and many more to be included in time. Features

· Supports 35 various features such as Google Maps, Outlook, Microsoft Doc, Notepad, Paint, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.

· With the back feature, copied content will be added to the previously opened window, or open “back” the previously open windows, and you can even choose, with Ctrl+V (for Mac-Users: ⌘+V), where in a document to insert copied text.

· With “Statistic” your mouse movements and mouse clicks can be measured, it helps train you by showing you how many times you’ve missed opportunities to use If you want you can send us your stats and compare with friends.

· Mark and select the pictures in the Windows-Explorer then Facebook, Flickr or any other image-processing or picture-hosting service of your choice.

· Want to post a quote to Twitter as-is? makes that a snap. Highlight the desired object, the incomprehensible word or the quote, and Google, Wikipedia or other websites.

· Outlook and your e-mail begin with the attachment. In combination with an Outlook-Indexer, such as Lookeen, the turn-around time in your mailbox is significantly reduced.

· Mark a headline while reading something over internet and Twitter, Digg, Mixx or any other news-service to get information in instant way.

· Separate applications are easy to implement yourself. You don’t even need any programming skills. Searches on particular web sites can be easily supplemented by, “Add a new action”.

· An open web page that you call-up often, can be added in seconds to your plug-ins by, “Add Own Action”.

· automatically detects the table-structure and inserts each value into its own cell. Full use and access to the data with just one

If you notice that your desired application is not supported by then you can add it yourself easily. Such customization capability features makes more popular every day. Despite many interesting features , this app has one setback or con feature , and that is : it does not work on Windows 2000 and on Mac it supports only Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard up to Mac OS X v10.7 has been featured by many notable sites and magazines like PCWorld, Mashable, TechCrunch etc. which undoubdtedly use this desktop App.

Deduction is a worth checking out App because of its [highlight-yellow]ease of use and overall implementation , customization, functionality and total ease of use for the end user[/highlight-yellow] , thus making i t easier in being able to achieve most of your time consuming data sharing and info whilst you are online with the added rewards of decreasing time consumption is an applaudable feat.
We believe that the burdensome tasks of copying, pasting and sharing are just one click away, grab the app which suits your platform from the download link below and begin simplifying your sharing task load.

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