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Internet is no longer used only for browsing purpose or sharing information from one place to another using email or instant messaging. Now Internet is used in much broader way then ever a human can imaging in its senses. Every single task of human life can be linked with internet, if you want any movie or a song you don’t need to wait until it reaches to the retail shop, it is few click away from you just because of internet.

Sharing files over internet is quite easy as many websites are providing the file sharing services. Email has its own limitations as it supports only maximum 25 MB of file size. And it annoys very much if our file size is quite higher like 1 GB or more. If the same problem is persisting against you then General-Files.Com is the best solution for you.

You can very easily download free movies , songs and millions other free files which are in’s database. Its simple File Sharing Search Engine gives you a size limit up to 4GB where one can store your personal files, movies, mp3 songs, games or anything which belongs to you and you want to share with you dear one.

GF database is updated on regular basis results users get high quality maintenance of their files as the invalid or unused files could be removed from their databases and they could keep files of their choice in the database easily. Other file sharing sites like Rapidshare, HotFile and FileServer too give you file sharing facility but one major problem with these service providers are their file URL, if you uploaded a file and forget its URL then it will be harder to get that again. You might need to take third party tools for resolving this issue, to solve this issue GF is there to help you, it very easily lets you search your files and download them.

Using this site lets you can upload almost all things to cloud storage from your hard drive plus you can search millions of uploads done every day. The database is clean enough as more than 250,000 invalid or broken files are removed from the site’s database every week so that you may not land on a bad file and end up downloading it. The files are categorized as “bad Files” when many users flag them as an inaccurate file. This helps you get the best file out of the lot.

Due to outstanding performance the fan following of the site is increasing at a really amazing rate as millions of users from all around the globe are daily registering themselves on this site. GF is a part of General World Network which previously held healthy success history with – General Search, Accurate Files etc. The one more highlighted feature is the alerts that the site is providing. Once your favorite file is available in the database you will get alerted. All you have to do is search for a particular keyword and create an alert like this you will be up-to- date with the latest upload falling in your desired category.

General Catalog, free software directory, helps you to solve searching or downloading issues from General-Files.Com you can go to General Catalog. It is the best search engine for General File’s data; it helps you get the optimum result in least time securely.

To use GF or GC effectively we suggest you to use one more feature rich download manager – General Downloader. It’s a download engine which supports all major file sharing sites to download file easily, and you don’t need to wait for some time to start download just click on the download link your download will be started instantly. It’s the best download engine among no captcha downloaders.

General-Catalog.Com – File Sharing and Indexing with an Ease
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