30 Premium “Free” Website PSD Templates To Jump Start Your New Website Project

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When landing on a website the first impression one is impacted by is the overall design. As they say, [highlight-blue] First impressions are lasting impressions[/highlight-blue]. If the design is attractive enough, it lures your visitor into exploring the rest of your site and its content.

The overall success of a website equates to how many visitors it is getting of course, however : when a website possesses perfect design it definitely helps its longevity and staying power amongst the competition.

There are millions of Premium and Free Pre-customized and designed themes out there which users can purchase or download for Free, which can help kick off their next website project if one has the money to invest in getting something which is distinctive and of high quality.

Readily Pre-Designed Photoshop templates are an easy solution in starting off your next website, and can be easily customized time and again. Changing the image, or editing the content and other processes can be a very simple task in using Photoshop templates.However, please be aware that [highlight-blue]PSD Web Templates cannot be reused[/highlight-blue]. Once you have created the content [highlight-blue]it is not possible to change them as one is able to do so with HTML files[/highlight-blue], one would need to combine the HTML and the PSD templates in order to achieve this.

If one has some knowledge into the basics of Photoshop, PSD Templates are easy to edit and manipulate or modify to suit your needs. For those of you who do not have Photoshop and lack the skills, then your best viable solution would be to find the PSD Template of your choice and hire a skilled coder to code up the design for you, which is the best solution if you find a design you like, rather than buying a Pre-Made theme which may not live up to your expectations and will probably require ( in most cases ) a lot of manual coding and tweaking in getting it to function as you would require ( which means that you would still need to hire a coder again ).

For those of you who are looking into purchasing PSD’s for your next website venture, you may discover that it is more economical within converting a PSD Template yourself. With a little patience and basic programming knowledge you can end up with the end result you desire to fulfill your website needs.

We have collected some exceptionally well designed PSD Templates to help you in jump starting your next website project below. Most of these Pre-Designed Templates look Premium and one would expect them to cost a pretty penny, however : they are FREE !
We hope you will find the PSD of your choice. Enjoy !




1. Business Portfolio Website PSD Template

Business Portfolio Website PSD Template

[button-dark url=”http://www.graphicsfuel.com/2011/02/minimal-business-portfolio-website-template/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


2. Personal Website Template


[button-dark url=”http://downloadpsd.com/templates/wordpress-personal-website-psd/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


3. PSD E Commerce Website Template

Psd Ecommerce Website Template

[button-dark url=”http://www.graphicsfuel.com/2010/10/psd-ecommerce-website-template/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


4. Corporate Website Template

Corporate Website Psd Template

[button-dark url=”http://www.graphicsfuel.com/2011/03/corporate-website-psd-template/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


5. Magnate: Professional Website PSD Template

Magante Professional Website PSD Template

[button-dark url=”http://psdstyle.net/2012/02/27/magnate-professional-website-psd-template/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


6. Photoge Free Photography Website PSD

Photoge Free Photography Website PSD

[button-dark url=”http://psdstyle.net/2012/01/27/photoge-free-photography-website-psd/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


7. Elegant Website PSD Template

Elegant Website Template

[button-dark url=”http://www.graphicsfuel.com/2011/06/website-psd-template/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


8. Wooden Portfolio Free PSD Template


[button-dark url=”http://downloadpsd.com/templates/wooden-portfolio-free-psd-template/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


9. Wedding Events: Free Photoshop Wedding Blog


[button-dark url=”http://psdstyle.net/2011/10/12/wedding-events-freed-photoshop-wedding-blog/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


10. Minimal Website with Full Screen Background Template

Minimal Website with full screen background

[button-dark url=”http://www.graphicsfuel.com/2011/12/minimal-website-psd-template/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]

11. WP Magazine Theme Template


[button-dark url=”http://www.graphicsfuel.com/2011/10/wp-magazine-theme-template-psd/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


12. Café & Restaurant Template


[button-dark url=”http://downloadpsd.com/templates/cafe-and-restaurant-template-psd/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


13. Yummiez : Free PSD Layout for a Food Website

Yummiez Free Food Website

[button-dark url=”http://psdstyle.net/2011/10/05/yummiez-free-psd-layout-for-a-food-website/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


14. Software Layout PSD

Software Layout PSD

[button-dark url=”http://downloadpsd.com/templates/software-layout-psd/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


15. Wood Design Free PSD Template


[button-dark url=”http://webdesignfan.com/wood-design-free-psd-template/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


16. Leatherly – One Page Site Template


[button-dark url=”http://pixelbeam.net/leatherly-one-page-site-template-photoshop/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


17. Burogu – Blog & Portfolio Template


[button-dark url=”http://pixelbeam.net/burogu-blog-portfolio-template/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


18. Template 1 PSD

Template 1 PSD

[button-dark url=”http://an1ken.deviantart.com/art/Template-1-PSD-128238570″ target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


19. Exceleron : Free PSD Business Website Template


[button-dark url=”http://psdstyle.net/2011/04/22/exceleron-free-psd-business-website-template/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


20 Showcase Gallery


[button-dark url=”http://www.designkindle.com/2010/09/01/showcase-gallery/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


21. Empower : Corporate Website Template


[button-dark url=”http://www.ahmadhania.com/2011/08/empower-corporate-website-template-free-psd.html” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


22. Watt Folio

Watt Folio

[button-dark url=”http://victorsosea.com/watt-folio-free-psd-web-layout/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


23. Thisanthat : Vintage Website Template

This and That

[button-dark url=”http://www.ahmadhania.com/2011/05/thisandthat-vintage-website-template-free-psd.html” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


24. Exponet Business Site

Exponet Business Site

[button-dark url=”http://psdstyle.net/2010/04/06/exponet-business-site-free-psd-website/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


25. SickMedia : Free PSD Website Template

Sick Media

[button-dark url=”http://psdstyle.net/2011/09/20/sickmedia-free-psd-website-template/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


26.Creative Portfolio Template

[button-dark url=”http://www.suitetuts.com/dl_1981_template_01.html” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


27.Digital Rust Template

[button-dark url=”http://www.suitetuts.com/dl_rust_theme_template.html” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


28.Atlas Creative Folio

[button-dark url=”http://www.purtypixels.com/atlas-a-creatives-portfolio-psdhtml/l” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


29.Paper | Minimal PSD Template

[button-dark url=”http://www.blazrobar.com/2011/website-templates/free-website-psd-template/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]


30.Wonder PSD Template

[button-dark url=”http://www.blazrobar.com/2011/website-templates/wonder-theme-a-free-psd-full-website-design/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]

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