Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Computer Secure

To learn about the security measures of your computer is an essential thing in order to protect it from all the possible attacks that can be quite harmful. As soon as you begin using computer and connect to internet, you are supposed to face several kinds of perils such as viruses, Trojans, spyware etc that cause unexpected harm to your entire computer system and its security. Hence to make your computer safe and secure from these harmful threats of
virtual world, you should learn about some of the important computer security tips.

[highlight-yellow]These tips and tricks will enable you to save your computer from the online attackers and hackers and thus assure you to work in a secure and reliable environment without the risk of being infected by these malicious spyware or computer viruses.[/highlight-yellow] Here are mentioned top 10 computer security tips that will allow you to protect your computer from any kind of damage caused by the unwanted virtual threats.

  • Always use best anti-virus software – To install reliable antivirus software is a must to make your computer protected against harmful threats. Set your anti-virus software to the automatic scan so that it can scan all the files and downloads daily on your computer. Also keep it up to date regularly to avoid attack of any new and unknown viruses or spywares etc.

  • Be cautious while opening e-mail attachments – Always avoid opening the email attachments if it is from an unknown person. If you happen to receive a suspicious email, just delete it without opening. Because some scam mails contain such content or attachment having virus in it that can cause serious harm to your computer system. But if you take the risk to open it, it’s better to save it first and then run the virus checker on that file.

  • Download software updates – Most to the software companies regularly release patches to shut off latest vulnerabilities in their software. Thus you should always download these updates and patches for your computer operating system to avoid the risk of getting infected by various internet worms and other harmful attackers.

  • Use Firewalls to save computer from internet hackers – Firewall acts as a safety wall between your computer and virtual world. [highlight-yellow]It can be in software or hardware form and protects your computer from the access of unauthorized or harmful online traffic.[/highlight-yellow] It filters the useful and harmful data coming to your PC through internet and thus protects it from infected intruders.

  • Password protection – Always use the passwords that are quite difficult to be guesses and also change them regularly. It’s better to use a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters while selecting a password for any of your account. It should contain at least 8 characters and don’t share it to anyone.



  • Back up your data regularly – To lose the saved data is a common problem that most of the computer users face daily. Thus, to avoid such problems, back up our data on floppy disks or CDs.

  • Check your system security regularly – The operating system of your computer contains important features but it can also make your system vulnerable to virus attack. Thus, always check your computer security at least two times in a year.

  • Log off your computer when not in use – Always ensure to log off or shut down your computer properly when you are leaving. It becomes more important when you are using a public computer.

  • Avoid peer to peer file sharing – [highlight-yellow]Peer to peer file sharing can cause severe harm to your computer and can infect the entire system with harmful viruses.[/highlight-yellow] Thus disable file sharing on the operating system.

  • Teach other people in your family to fight against It infection – If other members in your family share the same computer, it is very important to tell them about the various security measure to be taken against virus infection. Make sure that they also know all the tips and tricks to protect your computer from the attacks of malicious threats.

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