Beneficial Website Analytics Tools – 8 Best Alternatives for Google Analytics

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Almost every website owner tracks the statistics of their website with free and powerful Google Analytics. There are very few reasons left to use any another tools by which to track stats where, some of them lack “live overall stats” (as Google Analytics still displays the overall stats with a delay) and the other is the need for using an open source system.


Whether you are running a blog or an ecommerce website, Website analytics stats not only helps you to understand [highlight-yellow]how and where your website is being consumed and explored by visitors.[/highlight-yellow] Furthermore, Perfect Data and website analysis stats enables website owners in grabbing more viewers’ attention on their blog or ecommerce website that can be beneficial for their business.

Best Alternative Google Analytics Tracking Tools

There are a myriad of web analytics tools which are available over the Internet with numerous features and prices. Here at SkyTechGeek we have collected 8 Best Website Analytics Tools that can be used as alternatives for Google Analytics.

Most of these tools [highlight-yellow]have their own attributes which differentiate them from Google Analytics.[/highlight-yellow] The tools provided below will not only provide website admins with real time website stats but will also help you to understand the complexity of Internet traffic which will empower you in gaining more exposure over the Internet.



1. Flow : Website Traffic Visualization Application

It is vital for you to understand how your website is being consumed and explored by users so that it may enable you in improving your website. Although most popular analytics apps like Google Analytics provide every type of information, Flow is somewhat different and is an analytics application which focuses only on the visualization of paths, displays real-time data and offers a beautiful and intuitive interface.

It displays a diagram of the actual paths rather than displaying a chart which will help you in understanding how and what path visitors follow when they explore your website, you can easily drill down by clicking each item.

The most important feature of Flow is: it displays the number of people leaving from each page which is vital information in determining whether those particular pages require any sort of improvement or not.

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2. Woopra : Real Time Web Analytics

Woopra is feature enriched free web tracking and analytic tool that analyzes your website and provides real time data. It provides you visitor activities in detail, tag visitors in identifying them during their next visit. Instant chat with visitors and notifications, campaign tracking, funnel analytics, dynamic labels are few of the good features Woopra provides.

Woopra provides a full featured API that allows extracting a website’s date into several common web 2.0 formats, makes it easy for you to use within your own application. Woopra is a free ( one month) desktop site analysis tool which won’t disappoint you.
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3. Piwik : Open Source Website Analytics

Piwik is an open source website analytics application which provides detailed statistics about visitors, keywords, pages & more in real-time. It can be installed on an any PHP-MySQL compatible webserver & the rest works similar to Google Analytics; inserting the tracking codes into the websites we want to track.

Piwik can track an unlimited number of websites and it also provides a fully customizable interface where you can drag and drop the widgets you want to display and create reports.

Its open API allows you to easily integrate it with 3rd party software, it also allows you to add and remove new features and provides you features like ecommerce tracking, Goal tracking, campaign tracking, custom variables, email reports and much more.
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4. SlimStat

Slim Stats
SlimStat is an open source web analytics application that provides statistics information about your website. It is built with PHP-MySQL & can be integrated into websites with JavaScript (like Google Analytics) or PHP. Slimstats can display the number of visitors/pageviews, referrer URL’s,domains, search terms, browsers, Oss, countries, Screen sizes and many more.

It also provides a feature called path which shows a user’s browsing path page-by-page. The most vital feature of Slimstat that will let you give priority over Google Analytics is Live Stats, Slimstats provides live stats for your website.
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5. ChilliStats


If you are looking for the overall stats in real time and you need a simple and lightweight solution then you are at right place. ChiliStats can be used as an alternative for Google Analytics or Piwik. ChiliStats is an open source free application built with PHP and uses MYSQL for storing data.

ChiliStats displays a snapshot of statistics with charts in a one view page and sub pages for viewing top referrers. Chilistats offers visited pages or referring keywords, History page that allows digging the statistics of past months, IP blocking, design adaptable via CSS, and you can also add stats counter widget inside web pages.
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6. Going Up ! : Free Web Analytics and SEO Tools

Going UP !

GoingUp! is a free web-based website statistics service with powerful SEO features. GoingUp! provides first class web site analytics and seo tools for your website. With GoingUp!, site admins can easily track visitors, monitor sales, see conversion rates, and improve their search strategies. GoingUp! offers the most complete web site analytics around.

GoingUp! tracks every activity & presents data nicely with charts, heatmaps, flags (for countries), etc. Goingup! provides several SEO features such as inbound link monitoring, google page rank tracking, alexa rank tracking, keyword research, keyword position tracking, page optimizer tool and keybword density tool.

Going Up! also provides bulk domain analyzer or link & SEO optimizer which can be used directly without the need of signing up.
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7. Trace Watch

Trace Watch

TraceWatch is an open source Real Time Web Stats and Traffic Analysis which allows you to keep track of visitors to your website in real time with detailed statistics and deep analysis using an innovative user interface for FREE and helps to make your website more effective.

It can track both static and dynamic web pages with the choice of PHP or JavaScript tracking codes. The application is highly customizable and has a powerful admin menu which allows one to control almost every aspect of it. TraceWatch offers private and/or public stats report pages (which is great for sharing the data). It is multilingual and requires PHP/MySQL + uploading few files to function.
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8. Clicky

Clicky is effective yet powerful tool that provides real time analytics. The UI is very clean and functional, and there is also a dedicated iPhone version.
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