‘To Do Checklist’ – An iPhone App to Organize Your Task, Events and Time

Making adjustment with the current high speedy life-style is a challenging job for everyone out there. Lots of responsibilities, promises and work load try to break you down and take your test all the time. Most of us always dream about a magic wand which can take over your problems related to daily routine. There is no such thing available for you to turn around but what if you get another solution something like it?

Yeah! Now you have huge smile and curiosity on your face, isn’t so? In current smartphone era, you can find anything and anywhere you wish. Today, we’re going to elaborate an iPhone app which is responsible to manage your daily routine work, events and even your precious time smartly.

[highlight-blue]‘To Do Checklist’ iPhone app manages to provide you the best possible and flexible way to manage your everyday tasks and time for these works.[/highlight-blue] It has smart features like notification center, reminder, and task list sharing with other user etc. The feature is you can do these things without any internet connection.

This app enables you to create a checklist for your tasks and categories those task and different lists of add your tasks to pre-created list. This will help you to remember every tiny work of your daily routine easily plus you can add contact details (Email ids and Phone numbers) of the related person of the task so in urgency you can contact them instantly without any fault.

Just configure reminder to any task and forget about it, ‘To Do Checklist’ will handle it for you and you will never ever miss any reminder for sure. You can attach due date with any schedule task like your vacation planning, it helps you out to make your task on or before due date without any mistake or misplace anything.

List of task and single task can be accessed via single screen, now you can manage daily task, delayed task or reminders. Sharing is also possible with this task management iPhone app, either via SMS or Email you can share your task list with other users easily without any possibility of error, as Calls and Emails are directly accessible through the application.

Following is the complete list of key features of ‘To Do Checklist’ iPhone apps

  • Alarm (notifications)
  • Add tasks to different lists
  • Add tasks with specific due date or make general checklists for miscellaneous purposes, that you need to take care about, e.g. shopping, preparing for vacations etc.
  • Lists and tasks are easy accessible from one screen view
  • Check tasks for todays, delayed tasks and reminders
  • Send task lists via SMS or email to share with others
  • Call or send email directly from the application
  • Editable Notes
  • Easy adding, deleting and archiving tasks
  • Feedback option in the app Settings tab

Try it with:

  • Working tasks
  • Shopping lists
  • Sports activities
  • Kids care
  • Preparing for a vacation
  • Starting renovation project
  • Following healthy lifestyle schedule
  • Notes list for phone numbers or emails

Download ‘To Do Checklist’ iPhone App

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