12 Best Syntax Highlighters to Export Your Code Elegantly

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Syntax highlighting is a form of secondary notation, since the highlights are not part of the text meaning, but serve to reinforce it. Some editors also integrate syntax highlighting with other features, such as spell checkingor code folding, as aids to editing which are external to the language.


Syntax highlighting also helps programmers[highlight-gray] find errors in their program.[/highlight-gray] For example : most editors highlight string literals in a different color. Consequently, spotting a missing delimiter is much easier because of the contrasting color of the text. Brace matching is another important feature with many popular editors. This makes it simple to see if a brace has been left out or to locate the match of the brace the cursor is on by highlighting the pair in a different color.

Top 12 Syntax Highlighters To Display Your Code Elegantly

Some text editors can also [highlight-gray]export the color markup in a format that is suitable for printing or for importing into word-processing or other kinds of text-formatting software[/highlight-gray]; for instance an HTML, colorized LaTeX, PostScript or RTF version of its syntax highlighting.

Some popular Syntax Highlighting engines are:

  1. vi IMproved syntax files (.vim)
  2. Highlight written in C with Qt frontend.
  3. GeSHi written in PHP
  4. Kate syntax highlighting system (has also been ported to Perl)
  5. TextMate syntax files (has also been ported to Ruby )
  6. SyntaxHighlighter written in JavaScript

Syntax highlighting is one [highlight-gray]strategy by which to improve the readability and context of one’s text[/highlight-gray]; especially for code that spans several pages. The reader can easily ignore large sections of comments or code, depending on what one desires.

Below we have collected 12 of the best Syntax Highlighters by which developers and those of you who wish to display your chunks or snippets of code within your posts. We hope you will find the Syntax Highlighter of your choice to suit your desired needs.



1. Pygments : Python Syntax Highlighter

Pygment is a generic syntax highlighter for general use in all kinds of software such as forum systems, wikis or other applications. Pygments is quite useful as a command –line tool or as a library. Users can easily add formats, it provides numerous number of output format such as HTML, RTF, LaTex and ANSI sequence with multiple language support.
[button-dark url=”http://pygments.org/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Check Here [/button-dark]

2. Dlhighlight – JavaScript Syntax Highlighting Engine

This is JavaScript-based syntax highlighting engine that will fulfill your every development need.
[button-dark url=”http://mihai.bazon.net/projects/javascript-syntax-highlighting-engine#Similar%20projects” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Check Here [/button-dark]

3. Ultraviolet ( With Ruby )

Ultraviolet is a syntax highlighting engine based on Textpow. Since it uses Textmate syntax files, it offers out of the box syntax highlighting for more than 50 languages and 20 themes.
Ultraviolet is at the same time a stand-alone command line utility and a Ruby library.
[button-dark url=”http://ultraviolet.rubyforge.org/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Check Here [/button-dark]

4. Jush : JavaScript Syntax Highlighter

Jush JavaScript Syntax Highlighter
JavaScript Syntax Highlighter can be used for client-side syntax highlighting of following languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, HTTP and SMTP protocol,php.ini and Apache config.
It provides numerous features such as highlights languages embedded into each other, links to documentation of all languages, colors can be easily modified via CSS, recognizes complete PHP syntax including “halt_compiler”, heredoc, backticks, variables inside strings, namespaces, Works in all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome.
[button-dark url=”http://jush.sourceforge.net/#download” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Check Here [/button-dark]

5. Highlight. JS

Highlight js
Highlight.js highlights syntax in code examples on blogs, forums and in fact on any web pages. It’s very easy to use because it works automatically: finds blocks of code, detects a language, highlights it.
[button-dark url=”http://softwaremaniacs.org/soft/highlight/en/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Check Here [/button-dark]

6. Google Code Prettify

Google Code Prettify
A Javascript module and CSS file that allows syntax highlighting of source code snippets in an html page. This is the script used by the Google Code website. The script auto-detects the language used and highlights the code accordingly. It has several features like it works on HTML pages, works even if code contains embedded links, line numbers etc, lightweights, customizable styles via CSS, supports all C-like, Bash-like and XML languages. It is also used widely for good cross browser support.
[button-dark url=”http://code.google.com/p/google-code-prettify/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Check Here [/button-dark]

7. GeSHi – Generic Syntax Highlighter

GeSHi is a powerful syntax highlighter script that supports almost every language. It is first created for phpBB forum system but became a project itself. GeSHi supports for a wide range of popular languages, it is quite easy to add a new language for highlighting, it provides highly customizable outputs.
[button-dark url=”http://www.webresourcesdepot.com/11-syntax-highlighters-to-beautify-code-presentation/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Check Here [/button-dark]

8. BeautyOfCode : jQuery Plugin for Syntax Highlighting

BeautyOfCode is using Syntaxhighlighter as a base, but this plugin enables xhtml compliant syntax in beautiful way.
[button-dark url=”http://startbigthinksmall.wordpress.com/2008/10/30/beautyofcode-jquery-plugin-for-syntax-highlighting/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Check Here [/button-dark]

9. Syntax Highlighter

Syntax Highlighter
SyntaxHighlighter is a fully functional self-contained code syntax highlighter developed in JavaScript. This is a flexible & extensible syntax highlighter built with JavaScript. It supports a wide range of languages from CSS to PHP or C++ to SQL.
SyntaxHighlighter offers ready-to-use themes an new ones can be created easily for a custom presentation.
[button-dark url=”http://alexgorbatchev.com/SyntaxHighlighter/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Check Here [/button-dark]

10. Rainbow: Lightweight JavaScript Code Syntax Highlighter

Rainbow is a lightweight (1.4 kb)code syntax, easy to use, highlighting library written in JavaScript. It is only needed to use the JS module for the language to be highlighted for keeping things small. Also, the colors and fonts used can be completely customized with CSS theming support.
[button-dark url=”http://craig.is/making/rainbows” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Check Here [/button-dark]

11. Syntax Highlighter in Java Script

SHJS is a JavaScript program which highlights source code passages in HTML documents. Documents using SHJS are highlighted on the client side by the web browser. SHJS uses language definitions from GNU Source-highlight. This gives SHJS the ability to highlight source code written in many different languages such as c, c++, c#, Bison, HTML, Perl etc.
[button-dark url=”http://shjs.sourceforge.net/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Check Here [/button-dark]

12. Quick Highlighter

Quick Highlighter
This online highlighter tool provides many coding languages you can choose to highlight together with several options. It has some major features such as Combine style and HTML code, strict mode, wrap overflowing text, highlight inbuilt keywords, data types.
[button-dark url=”http://quickhighlighter.com/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Check Here [/button-dark]

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