Top 5 Excellent Android Apps for Health And Fitness Freaks

Getting fat and healthy!! Worrying of losing a notice in the crowd!! Trying to lose your weight but failed, then I think you have started thinking of your health and fitness. Generally, we just ignore the increasing fats at initial stage and then, get bothered when the situation had totally gone out of our hands. Therefore, if you are one of those who care lot about your health and fitness, then I suggest you to follow some easy and manageable applications for getting your life totally as per health statistics.

Such applications are formed for evaluating your crucial health statistics on the daily basis. These applications make use of Android for their functioning and are totally free. The only main requirement for running these applications on your Smartphone is the need of 2.2+ OS. So, ready for grasping the detailed knowledge of wonderful and top-notch applications for health and fitness freaks:

1. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Calorie Counter
This app is there to help you in keeping an eye on the calories you intake throughout the day. How to use this app? It’s quite simple just feed the detailed information of what you are eating and it will automatically record the total of calories for you. Then, you can search your total consumption through history and now decide what to do next? This app also solves this problem of yours by letting you know whether to increase or decrease the calories intake. I am sure, you will find this app very useful in your daily routine for controlling your calories.
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2. CookPad

Recipe Search
Best place to share and find recipes made and shared by home cooks like you. Cookpad provides a unique social and safe environment for people to search for and save recipes, publish recipes and photos, or share privately with friends and family in our new chat. Cooking is no longer lonely with Cookpad.
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3. Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate
This app is very useful in measuring your heart rate just after doing exercise. For this, you don’t have to add any hardware to your SmartPhone; simply hit your mobile screen with your finger tip but remember, in good light. And the other requirement for perfect result is to stand erect at the time when you hit the screen. You will see the result at the same time on the screen.
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4. Libra Weight Manager

Libra- Weight Manager
Another wonderful and effective Android app and the most demanding app among the Android users is Libra Weight Manager. Now, for what this app is used for? The main motto of this app is to provide the timeline chart along with the weight details. And the most amazing feature is that you can also share this chart with anyone through Facebook or Twitter. If you want to keep record, then you can take print out by transferring these data to CSV or Excel format. Besides all these, this app also helps you in providing you great suggestions of actual weight with the help of BMI calculator.
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5. WomanLog Calendar

This Android app is quite popular among the female Android users. Basically, the main aim of this app is to regulate your menstrual cycle and it also let you know about your fertility and ovulation period. It is but obvious that no one can share these data with anyone, so for security reasons, this app allows you to facilitate password locking. Weight tracing is also the main facet of this Android app.
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Top 5 Excellent Android Apps for Health And Fitness Freaks
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