25 Best and Effective Ways to Drive Traffic

Website traffic is a backbone element for a website, a website traffic depends on numerous factors, people write and frequently try to post quality contents, but due to lack of website promotions and proper knowledge they end up getting insufficient amount of traffic which affects their earning and popularity of their blog.

Website traffic means how many people are viewing particular site and how much time they spend on that particular time. We understands the problem of website owners and conducted research on certain methods and amassed 25 Useful Tips and Ways that will help you to drive more traffic onto their websites. If you have some more tips and tricks we would love to hear from you just drop a comment beneath the post and share your experience with us.

1. Write Useful Contents

As we all know content is king, by producing quality content and useful information you are in essence increasing the prominence of your site automatically, enabling its visibility on search engines across the web, that will help you to get maximum exposure over Internet.

2. Offer Freebies

If you really want to gain more traffic on your site, offer freebies, goodies and useful tools to your readers, make sure the goodies which you are providing is not that much expensive and high quality and useful for you visitors.

3. Interview Successful Bloggers

By interviewing successful bloggers you are not only enhancing your existing audience’s experience of your site, but you’re building an important relationship with someone in your field. It will also attract audience to hear what their favorite bloggers or writers have shared with them.

4. Keep Twitting

Twitter is king of social arena, Share your thoughts and allow Twitter to show a bit of who you are, and your followers will be more likely to want to read your latest post or watch your latest video, so keep twitting your latest posts and stuff.

5. Don’t Ignore Facebook Page

If you haven’t added a Facebook page to your website, probably this is the right time to create a Facebook page about your business. Make sure you add a “like” button to your site and spur your visitors to like and share your posts with their friends. Don’t forget to acknowledge your friends who share your stuff with their profiles.

6 Write Guest Posts

Guest posts plays major role in blogging, Guest posts not just helps bloggers to grab back links but also it is a good platform to introduce yourself as a blogger or writer. Do your research on the audience, and keep writing useful posts according to the particular blog’s niche for getting maximum exposure.

7. Write Helpful Tutorials

People love reading helpful and precisely written tutorials; you can also add videos that explain step by step procedures. A 5 minute video showing and solving a particular problem is worth for your business.

8. Create 404 Error Page

404 error pages or error pages play an important role to your website design, they won’t upset visitors if an error page is presented and in funny, creative or elegant manner with useful information that led clients to come back to your website again. Take a look at our post on 50 Beautiful 404 Error Page Designs.

9. Link Your Website to Your Signature

When you send an email, do you link your site to your signature? Adding a website link to email signature can serve as an added way in increasing site traffic. By including your Site URL into user E-mail replies and contact- responses, you are basically enhancing your site traffic.

10. Display Popular Posts on Your Blog

If you want your visitors to spend more time on your blog then make it easy for your audience to find and share the posts that made them think of you. Once a user has read your featured article they may become enthused to reading more Related Content, display your popular posts and related contents on the side bar and beneath the latest posts on your blog and keep them on your site longer.

11. Optimize Title Tags

If you are working hard to get your website on Search Engines first few pages, make sure you are using proper keywords for Google to notice them. Your website title should be clear and concise. Post proper website keywords in and don’t exceed it to maximum 70 characters.

12. Build Backlinks

If you want a decent Google page rank, you are at right place, for getting higher page rank either you have to purchase back links or build a decent relationship with the site you want the link from. Ask other bloggers to post your website name in their friend list and you do the same for them in order to get quality and safe back links.

13. Use Social Media Plugins

Though most of the wise bloggers and site owners know the power of social media and use social media sharing plugins, but still there are most of bloggers who still choose not to add social sharing buttons to their work probably they don’t like the way it looks. If you write a good post and your audience want to share this on social network and you don’t give them an easy way to do it, they will either not share your work or they will simply ignore your blog. So wisely use social media sharing plugins for your blog to get quality traffic through social media.

14. Create Inforgraphics

We know that creating infographics is really an arduous task, one should has a good knowledge of Photoshop and other designing tools, but believe me if you post interesting infographics and real information, you will definitely get huge traffic. You can also post infographics from other sites but don’t forget to mention their website link beneath your post.

15. Optimize Your Website for Mobiles

This is technology era, buying and using a Smartphone is in trend. If you want to get a lot of traffic you should optimize your website for mobile use as well, it will not only give you huge traffic but it’s also a good way to getting more popular amongst mobile users.

16. Create a Forum

Forum is a great way to see what your audience is really like, and a fantastic source for content or inspiration. Though managing such forums is bit difficult but you can pay dividends to keep conversations alive 24 hours a day.

17. Advertise Through Adwords

You can advertise your blog through Adwords, Google is almost everywhere around the world.

18. Keyword Optimization

There are many tools are available over Internet which help you to search appropriate keywords for your blog. Google offers an easy to use Keyword Research Tool to test competitions for key terms. By researching proper keywords you will come to know what information is searched globally over Internet and what the CPC ratio for particular information is.

19. Leave Effective and Thoughtful Comments

when leaving comments on a particular site/blog, ensure that your feedback is positive, correlates with the topic, and makes an impact on other users. This is one way to gain a maximum amount of back-links from particular sites.

20. Advertise on Facebook

Facebook is expecting to reach one billion users soon. Though Facebook provides premium advertisements for your business and products, but believe me advertising on Facebook is one of the best way to connect with your customers and consumers.

21. Answer FAQs

By addressing FAQs, you hide the background information and provide people what they want to know and looking for. The good thing is this can become part of your site’s core content after it’s published.

22. Sponsor Events

If your site or your business is doing good you can sponsor events, webinar, charity, sports and many more to gain maximum exposure amongst people, you can also put a decent money as prize in such contest and sports events.

23. Post on Weekends

Since so many sites only post during the week, your content will stand out more. Don’t cheat the weekend readers with weak information; provide them something unique and more interesting information. Make their weekend Internet surfing worth.

24. Properly Use Analytics Tools

Analytic software can tell you where your traffic is coming from. Use this vital information properly and post your articles according to GMT to get maximum exposure amongst US audience. You may be popular in a totally unrelated field, and that’s ok – play to those strengths to bring people into the fold.

25. Submit Your Articles to Free Directories

Though it is a SEO related tip but much needed and backbone for a blog. There are an innumerable amount of free blog directories available on the web, where users can submit their Blogs within the appropriate (niche) category by which to generate backlinks and traffic, Submitting your blogs in such directories is bit time consuming task but it will definitely beneficial for your blog and will reward you with a substantial amount of backlinks and followers.

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