40 Most Incredible Creative Commons Images Available in Flickr

Flickr users that share their work under the Creative Commons section of Flickr are in fact enabling audiences from around the world to share their photos in different ways, under different licences. There are millions upon millions of photos that users share through the creative commons license – in pretty much every genre known to man; from experimental shots to photos of nature’s many wonders. Here are 40 images which are incredible in different ways.

1. Volcano above the Clouds

In this shot we see volcano accompanied by clouds forming a halo around it.

2. Moon Rising

A moon rises over Lake Ontario. The moon lights up the lake as if it were a sun rising.

3. Pretty Lights

Taken in Trier Germany, the out of focus lights looks mesmerizing globes.

4. Haunting Kauai

In this beautiful long exposure shot, the water looks ghost-like as it breaches the land.

5. Cactus Play

Funnily enough, the cactus in focus is only about 3 foot compared to the 20 foot cacti behind it.

6. Sci-Fi at the Beach

This is known as the Harris Shutter effect – which creates 3 different layers and merges them.

7. Lightpainting Love

Using long exposure and lights, a person creates a cute little heart in the night sky whilst sitting down.

8. Brisbane Lighting Storms

This quick handed cameraman catches a fantastical lightning storm on camera in Brisbane, Australia.

9. Up, Close and Personal with a Dragonfly

An exquisite close up shot of a Swedish Calopteryx Virgo dragonfly revealing it’s gorgeous colours.

10. 3D Artistic Biker

If you have some 3D red/cyan glasses, shove em’ on and enjoy!

11. Granite Column under Sky

This shot looks as if it were painted with the juxtaposition of the moving clouds and the statue at night.

12. Mysterious Shanklin

Using long exposure, this shot is pulled off with a ghost-like effect of the water.

13. Chicago in light

Using a Diana + mini camera, this photographer captures some great colours upon the constructs of Chicago.

14. Panorama Bubble

Shot from a Hong Kong Tram, a mistaken panorama program assembles two images to great effect.

15. Nostalgic Dandelions

The wash of colour on this blown dandelion is just perfect, looking back on ones childhood through rose-tinted glasses.

16. Sleeping Volcano

A well-composed natural shot of a volcano.

17. Abstract Long Exposure

This interesting long exposure shot looks as if it could be a deep sea organism.

18. Gardenia Bush in a Circle

As if in a water droplet, here a photographer presents his Gardenia Bush.

19. Newspaper Juxtaposition

In this shot we see the extreme juxtaposition of two events happening at the same time in London.

20. Completely Legless

A bizarre photo in which we see a lady bending down to take a picture of a mannequin leg. Ironically enough, it looks as if she is missing legs also due to her long coat.

21. Boy in Boat

A boy rowing a small boat in an expansive lake.

22. Flames

These are flames captured at high shutter speed – 1/2000.

23. Humming Bird

A humming bird close up, mid-flight.

24. Sunset from Plane

A striking sunset taken from a plane window – the levels of colours are exceptional.

25. Flower Garden

A flower garden – quadruple exposure. A colourful mess!

26. Times Square

An iconic photo point taken at Times Square, NY, with long exposure.

27. Cloudscape

In this awesome picture of the sky, the change of colour through the clouds is great; changing from the luscious yellow at the bottom to the pale blue at the top.

28. Rocket Shot

Notice the scale of this wicked picture from the truck and man at the bottom.

29. Winner Gorge, Alaska

The perspective and vivid colours in this shot are remarkable.

30. Day at Night

Using long exposure, this photographer has captured the essence of daytime through a lightning bolt at night.

31. Harris Effect with Shadows

Using the Harris shutter effect, this photographer plays with the shadows of the trees to create different levels.

32. Playing with Shadows

Humorous shot experimenting with toys and shadows.

33. Lonely Beach Bather

A shot of a lonely sunbather’s umbrella at the beach.

34. Abstract

A successful mix of textures, features and colours.

35. Golden Sunset

A sunset above the Lofoten artic islands, creating a desert-like image in the sky. A well captured moment.

36. A shot from the Twilight Zone?

The old school fence and the boyish shadow contribute towards this eerie image.

37. Travelling Stars

See how the stars of the night travel with this long exposure shot taken at Kalinchowk, Nepal.

38. Holy Glowing Bible!

Using light-play and long exposure, this bible does seem as if it has the holy light coming from within.

39. Creepy Shadows!

Using the twisted branches of trees, this photographer captures some rather fantastic shadows on a side of a brick house.

40. Obelix Meets his Match!

In this funny photo, French character Obelix may have met his match as he looks lovingly at a bottle of Jagermeister.

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