11 Best Laptops for Summer 2012

Technology changes at lightning speed. The most happening laptops yesterday are considered obsolete today. Big giant corporations announce new and better laptops regularly to meet the demands of the customers.
Laptops were originally designed to accommodate businessmen, who wanted to carry their data with themselves. However, today they have totally overtaken the PC and are used by one and all for different purposes.
A number of advanced laptops each having some unique and best specifications have been introduced to the market by different brands. Brands like HP, Lenovo, Apple are fighting hardly to become the first choice of the buyers. When you go for a laptop you look for a model that will give the proper value of your hard earned money. Compiled below is a list of top 10 laptops that you can enjoy this summer. It has been built keeping all the necessary requirements in mind. Some of the main features that one should consider when buying a laptop are:

• Processor
• Hard Drive
• Battery Life
• RAM Memory
• Screen Size

1. Apple Mac Book Air

This is the best laptop that you can have. It is perfect for all your needs as it is equipped with an excellent battery and an Intel dual-core i5 processor. The laptop has all the latest features and is something you will love to showoff. It is capable of performing all the heavy processing tasks, without your computer crashing. This beauty also comes with a storage capacity of 128 GB and 256 GB. It runs smoothly for 6 hours, without demanding a recharge.
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2. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge

Giving Apple tough competition is Lenovo with its ThinkPad Edge. Lenovo, famous for its solid products, strikes gold with the ThinkPad Edge that is available in different colors. Its specialty is the redesigned keyboard that offers many different features. The battery life is excellent (up to 6 hours), and the 15” display is sharp.
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3. Dell XPS 15 L502x

Not far behind in the race is Dell’s XPS 15 L502x that is loaded with the new Intel Sandy Bridge i7 silicon processor. The laptop is a little heavy, comparatively, and weights 3 kilograms. Another great feature is the excellent 15.6” display screen and Dell’s competitive after sales and service network and extended warranty.
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4. Samsung Series 7

The 15” display instantly attracts your attention, but it isn’t the only thing good about this laptop. This beautiful laptop has a sharp back-lit keyboard and is currently Samsung’s best laptop in the market. It has a Blue-ray disk drive and a dedicate AMD graphic card. Thanks to all these features, this one is worth considering when buying a laptop this season.
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5. HP Envy 17 3D

A laptop that gives you 3D viewing is now a reality. It has a large (17.3”) HD screen that makes it a darling of everyone who ever wanted a laptop with a big screen. Its aluminum body makes it more attractive and a back-lit keyboard that is another plus point. The battery life might be a negative point, but the positives overpower it.
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6. Sony Vaio Z-Series

Sony is in the race with its Vaio Z-Series. These laptops are the deadly combination of performance and beauty. The series is equipped with Intel’s Corei5 and i7 processors that give it great speed and performance. The laptop also has an excellent battery life (up to 7 hours) and killer features like the high-definition output, huge hard drives, and Blue-ray compatibility.
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7. Maingear EX-L 15

No top 10 list can be complete without the inclusion of this masterpiece. It has a heavy processor (2.7GHz Intel Core i7-3820QM) and a 15.6” HD display. The 750 GB hard-drive and beautiful looks easily attract attention from this masterpiece that is equipped with everything that a good laptop needs.
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8. Toshiba Portege R835

Toshiba making its presence felt with the unbeatable Potege R835. Its biggest advantage is the extended battery life (10-12 hours) and light-weight. It’s easy to carry and functions well thanks to the Intel Core i5 processor. Its very moderately priced and the best option when you are on a budget. Toshiba has also designed it very stylishly.
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9. Asus U46SV

It instantly attracts attention thanks to the glossy 14” display. This beauty is equipped with an Intel Core i5 (2) processor and a 750 GB hard disk. Its biggest quality is the battery that runs for 10 hours easily and is the best when you want to take your laptop on long trips.
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10. Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3-581TG

The laptop with easily the best track pad is excellent for all purposes. This Acer product is perfect for browsing, gaming and everything else that comes to mind. It has a 156.6” glossy display with LED Backlight. Thanks to the great Intel Core i7 processor, this one pulls off all the tasks effortlessly.
[button-dark url=”http://www.theverge.com/2012/3/21/2889405/acer-aspire-m3-ultrabook-review” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Click for Details[/button-dark]

11. Alienware M14x

The new Alienware M14x replaces the Alienware M15x for high-end enthusiast gamers looking for a slightly more portable gaming laptop that continues to deliver uncompromising performance. Sitting between the M11x and M17x, the Alienware M14x is a 14-inch gaming laptop with a widescreen form factor and enough firepower within to bring the latest and greatest games down to their knees. Let’s take a closer look at the Alienware M14x gaming laptop.
A true 16:9 aspect ratio screen. This enables the M14x to play games at higher resolution resulting in more fun. Its screen has a tiny webcam hole at the top bezel, it’s barely visible but the thing comes in handy if you do a lot of videochats over Skype, Facebook or Google+.
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The list is compiled keeping the best from every maker. The prices differ from region to region and distributor to distributor. You can easily buy the laptop and mobile internet packages online.

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