Top Android Apps for Businessmen

Android has been making stellar strides from the day of its inception. Android based gadgets are rapidly becoming the best gadgets for everyone. Whether one is a student, teacher, blogger, gaming addict or anything else under the sun, Android has got an over-abundance of interesting apps for download. The sheer presence of a plethora of apps makes Android one of the most useful smartphones to ever grace the market. How about android apps for businessmen? Are they available in bulk?

Well, in this post we are going to list the best Android apps for the successful businessman.
One can use Android for business purposes; as well as a variety of interesting other apps in the Android market make it a perfect business phone. Android doesn’t just stop as a gaming device or a list of casual apps, it is extending itself to a much broader consumer market. So let’s have a look at the best apps which Android has got in its official store “Google Play”, by which to help business owners.

1. Scan2PDF

As a business person you must be familiar with the values of soft copies of your data. If you have any data in the form of soft copy in your PC then you can easily create the hard copies from it by using this great app. Just download the app and scan your document to get the PDF version of your business data. The PDF document version is far better than all other formats and is recommended for various business purposes. Later you can use this PDF version to make hard copy or distribute it through various mediums.
There is a lite version of this application available in the Google Play store which you can download for free.
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2. DropBox

With business going on cloud, it became a necessity for any person to use cost effective cloud services. You may need to store lots of files in your computer, but due to storage shortage and inclement situations it would be wise to have multiple copies at different locations. Storing files locally is not only risky from the security point of view but also this makes the data use limited since you would be needed to have active P. Users can only use the data as long as they are sitting in front of your computer that holds their data. Having a multiple secure copies of your data is always a recommended and preferred method to save your business from bizarre situation. Dropbox is the app recommended for all business owners. You can store your data in the cloud storage which is not only safe but also you can access this data from any device having dropbox app installed on it. Dropbox has many third-party applications which makes it a worthwhile app compared to other competitors.
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3. Expense Manager

Wouldn’t it be wise to have an eye on your business expenditures? If your business expenses are going out of your reach then you can use this app to work as virtual business manager for you. You can set the budget for your expenses in this app and it will alert you whenever the things are going over preset budget. There are several other useful features offered by expense manage android application. It will list all the utilities that hogs most of your expenses. A business person can then decide whether to control that aspect or let it go altogether.
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4. Evernote

This app is like the notepad for your Android devices. You can use this app to record all business data in the text version. Having a pen and small copy in your pocket is an old idea. Trend has changed with technology and you need to update yourself as well. So this app can represents you as the business person having good knowledge of technology. Don’t mistake evernote as a replacement of ‘pen and paper’. It is one of the most powerful notes taking application available on multiple platforms. Users can share notes or synchronize it to multiple devices using this useful app.
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5. Remember the Milk

One of the best Android apps to manage your business right from your favorite Android gadget is Remember the milk. You can use this app to organize the tasks related to your business. You can organize the future tasks and this app will alert you whenever you forget to do any particular task. Users can also enable location sensitive task so whenever you are near that particular location the app will alert you with the specified task. Since this app will use the GPS features of your Android to track your location to alert you so that you can do that particular business task, you need to have GPS and internet connection enabled device.
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This was our extensive list of best Android business related apps. If you have any other app in your mind then feel free to spread the world by dropping your valuable comments in the comment box below.

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