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Programming requirements are increasing as the time goes further, with the latest technologies are being introduced it’s hard to make decision which programming editor is the best to choose? Today, we’re going to discuss the features of Codelobster PHP Edition IDE. This is the handy and free programming editor which enables you to code PHP easily and effectively. You don’t need to recall PHP functions, arguments; tags etc. any more, this editor will handle these for you. And this auto complete feature will be available for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and even CSS.

The full list of Free Portable PHP IDE features:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP autocomplete

Autocomplete of tags attributes for current tag, closing tags, style property names and values, keywords, DOM elements and their properties PHP Autocomplete includes wide selection of code completion listings.

HTML/CSS code inspector

Inspector makes it simple to find HTML elements and their styles buried deep in the page.

HTML toolbar

This feature speeds up writing a code. Autocomplete includes wide selection of code completion listings. Lists are formed of standard PHP and user’s classes, variables, functions, constants and keywords. Starting typing new element, lists of all possible variants for its completion are being displayed after $this->and ClassName::

PHP Debugger

The Debugger is a package of tools that allows a developer debug applications during developing process. Before running, you need to configure it. Set necessary values for the following options in Preferences menu (Tools–>Preferences–>Debugger):

  • Virtual folder – path to a virtual project folder
  • Virtual host URL – url of a virtual folder
  • Path to php.ini – path to the php.ini file
  • Server – Apache version running on your computer. You need to select from the list, which displays all Apache versions installed on your machine.

Features for debugger:

  • Functions Step Into (F11), Step Over (F10), Stop Debug (Shift+F5)
  • Watch window in debugger, only user’s variables are displayed
  • Local variables window and Call stack windows
  • Expand of objects $this-> while debugging

PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS code highlighting

PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS code collapsing

Context and Dynamic Help with search for work with PHP, MySQL, HTML

DynamicHelp window automatically lists all possible references for current word. You also can use ContextHelp to get information about shortcut keys.

Portable option

Code folding (collapsing)

Pair highlighting

Pair selection, tags and attributes selection commands


The tooltip enables you to view values of variables marked with a mouse cursor, Tooltips for images and colors.

Navigation by holding CTRL key

for A, LINK, IMG tags, BACKGROUND attributes and PHP functions.

Class View

(View–>Window–>Class View) contains code elements (classes, functions and variables) of all opened files and a whole application. You can easily navigate through your project and find all declarations for chosen element within it. In case of ambiguity solution dialogue appears.

Project manager

The project is connected with a folder on the disc. Its structure remains the same while transferring. Also there is ability to search project’s symbols and files using shortcut keys.

File Explorer with FTP/SFTP support, publishing for projects

Incremental find


All standard functionalities for work with a code

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