8 Mind-blowing iOS 6 Features

IOS 6 is the most thrilling version of iOS ever since in progress by an iPhone or an iPod, so I couldn’t stay to install the iOS 6 betas on the iPhone 4S.The iOS 6 betas includes over 200 latest features, but these ten features are the ones that take the explain and greeting you to the new iPhone knowledge. In iOS 6, Apple brings jailbreak tweak and preferred Android features to the a lot. Officially you cannot find iOS 6 until reduce, but if you go after our guide to installing the iOS 6 beta at that time, you can struggle out these iOS 6 mind blowing features. Here are the 8 Mind Blowing iOS 6 features you should know.

1. Open Apps with Siri

It is amazing to inform Siri to open an app and bang, it’s open. As extensive as I have an excellent link the app opens right gone. It’s much faster than result an app unseen in a database on my third home screen. When I told Siri to open Pandora the app opened and ongoing playing the final station I listened too. Siri can also post straight to Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon.

2. Maps and Turn-by-Turn Navigation

The new Maps app with 3D images looks spectacular, delivering a harshly correct 3D look at my house. I will be taking turn-by-turn voice guided steering for a make tomorrow, but so far it looks vast and fills a much-needed gap.

3. Face time 3G

I hardly ever use Face Time, but now that Face Time works more 3G on the iPhone 4S I will video call my friend and team members more regularly. It’s incredible how nice it is to call exclusive of the need for Wi-Fi. Video excellence takes a hit, but it’s still fun and working.

4. Facebook Integration

I share many pictures and video to Facebook, and now that I can split correct from the Photos app I will be sharing many more photos and videos. I’m not sold on Facebook friends invading the contacts app, but it’s simple to turn off.

5. Tap to Tweet and Share

I share updates on Facebook and Twitter regularly, so it’s huge to tap to Tweet or Tap to send right from the warning Center. I will motionless use the Tweet bot and Facebook apps for conversation, but this is huge for quick updates. Too bad there is no method to update Facebook and Twitter at the same occasion from the Notification Center.

6. Don’t Disturb Mode

I am previously setting up Don’t Disturb mode to avoid casual notification interruptions when I lastly go to sleep. It’s good that iOS 6 don’t Disturb mode allows me to set a list of callers who can get during and that it won’t quiet a 2nd call from a caller if they call back in 3 minutes in case it is an urgent situation.

7. Improved Phone App

I’ve already used the better phone app to reject a call and reply with a text message, and I’m sure I’ll make use of the new remind me to call back aspect greatly in the coming days.

8. Bluetooth in Settings

Apple finally makes it simple to find to the Bluetooth settings clasp. I’m always altering Bluetooth devices and toggling Bluetooth off and on to save battery being. The latest menu post is not as excellent as the NC Settings widget that spaces the toggle in the Notification Center of iPhone, but it’s a good development.

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