Keek – A Revolutionary Way to Share Video Updates with Friends

Since the launch of Twitter, we all love the way it makes us enable updating with short messages to our followers, friends and loving ones. With the same way, is it possible to share our feelings, updates via video unlike boring textual matter? Keek has made it possible, yes, now you’re able to create short video messages via webcam, iPhone or Android phone and share those with your friends via Keek.

Keek has created a social video revolution, in which you can create a 36 seconds long video on your smartphone or laptop and share those with your friends instantly and 100% free. Keek is the new way to tell the world what you’re doing in real time and meet up the new people. Keek makes you enable to post your video comments on other Keek, simply press the button ‘keekback’ located under a Keek then record your video comment and add ‘@’ in the caption to notify the people just like Twitter.

Keek offers private messages if you and other person are following each other. Just go to Dashboard → Keekmail → Private keeks and click the ‘New private keek’ button, enter your friends Keek username and record the message to send over.

Keek is a better place to know people of similar interests, just find the people who love to follow you and have common interests via following them. Click on the follow button next to a user’s name at the top of their page, you will be able to see his/her recent activities and information page.

If you know someone closely or just want to know what that person is posting on Keek then you can subscribe to his/her Keek, you will be notified via email every time he/she posts new Keek. This ensures that you won’t miss anything which is important for you.

Keek has a simple to use Dashboard for its registered users, here you can adjust your settings, edit your profile, watch your stream, view your stats, manage people, content and more! You have total control over what you want to show others and how others can interact with you.

Keek has its own notification center which shows you notifications, private keeks and subscription alerts all in one place. This is very handy features to get notified about your keeks and your followers.

In the ‘your stream’ section, you will be able to see what your followers are doing. In real time updates you will get all updates from your followers such as keeks, comments, likes and more! You are free to customize settings to set which should be appeared in your stream. Just like your stream, you can track your keek views, followers, and subscribers and embeds using My Stats. You can view graphs and reports of your past and future Keek activity, performance by location, referring sites and more.

Get the list of top 100 users on keek and see what they are doing at Keek, view the most subscribed, followed, and watched users on Keek. You can also see who’s leading in each Kred category, such as ‘Most funny’, ‘Most talented’ and more. You can rate your friends and get rated by them to build reputation. You can vote on their Kred and let them know whether they’re funny, talented or entertaining by voting.

Keek offers you to share your video with other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr or embed into your own blog. Keek is the easiest way to share video updates with friends. You can use its iPhone app or Android app to upload video Keek and share with your friends easily and instantly.

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