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Top Chrome extensions to speed up your browsing

Google’s Chrome web browser is already famed as one of the fastest web browsers going, but you can speed up your net surfing even more with these fantastic free extensions, and was recently approved by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to become the most-used browser in the world.

Competition often results in innovation of one sort or another — in the browser one can see that this is true in spades this year, with huge Javascript performance increases, security process advances, and user interface breakthroughs. Google has produced an excellent browser that is friendly enough to handle average browsing activities without complicating the tasks, but at the same time it’s powerful enough to meet the needs of more-advanced users.

google chrome extensions

Chrome is a smart, innovative browser that, in many common scenarios, will make using the Web faster, easier and less frustrating, offering an array of addons and extensions simplifying and enhancing the user based experience. Google’s Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. These extensions add extra features and functionality which a user can easily add to Google Chrome. By using extensions, users can customize Google Chrome with features they like, while keeping their browser free of things which they have no use of.

Below we have rounded up some of the which will propel your Chrome Browser experience at lightning speed, we hope you will find the best suitable extensions which are suited to your needs.


This essential add-on eliminates all adverts from the web, which can have a huge impact on the speed of pages and transform your viewing experience. After using it for a few days try switching off the extension and see the difference, you’ll never go back.


FlashBlock stops – if you haven’t guessed – Flash content. It doesn’t remove them entirely like AdBlock instead you can start it at any time with a single click. This is useful for Flash videos which load as soon as you visit a page as it will prevent them from streaming and slowing down the browser until you’re ready.

TooMany Tabs

Tabbed browsing is one of those things we just couldn’t live without, but if you ever find that you get overwhelmed with open tabs this is the extension you need. TooMany Tabs simplifies and streamlines the management of multiple tabbed browser windows to help you find what you’re looking for amidst the clutter.



If you frequently use file download sites like RapidShare which have timers or adverts before the link appears then grab SkipScreen immediately. It allows you to jump past these interruptions and get straight to downloading.

Download Master


An extension for hoarders, this add-on will quickly save all the links and files on a page. Simply click the Download Master toolbar icon then choose which you want to store on your hard disk and Download Master will automatically download the selected items.

LookUp Companion for Wikipedia

Browse Wikipedia without leaving your current browser window.Once installed you can access Wikipedia’s vast database via a pop-up window activated from the browser toolbar. It displays the mobile version of the pages for speed but the full size site is just a click away.

Plain Clothes


This is the web minus all the fancy stuff. Plain Clothes boils down pages to the barebones text making pages load much faster. It was designed as an accessibility tool but anyone can use it to speed up browsing and it’s heavily customisable.



Autopager turbo-charges your web browsing by pre-loading the next page so it loads much faster when you hit ‘next’. It doesn’t work for every site but it supported on a large number of popular destinations such as Google, Amazon, eBay and Yahoo.


ScriptNo allows you to block Java, Javascript and other scripting. This works as both a security measure – preventing dodgy sites from executing malicious code on your system – and speeds up your browsing by preventing processor intensive coding from starting automatically.

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One Comment on "Top Chrome extensions to speed up your browsing"

  1. Pierrot says:

    Another extension I’d recommend to speed up browsing in Chrome is the Sidebar for Google Search.
    It has a few quirks here and there with some results page but highly recommended nonetheless.

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