5 Best Travel Tech Gadgets

In this fast growing world of technology, everyone wants to have maximum gadgets with him/her. In fact, the gadgets have crossed the boundary of Need only. They have become a trend and status symbol. The maximum gadgets you have, better your personality is. But, that doesn’t stop one from falling in love with ever growing powerful gadgets. Just look at the number of tablets, music players, navigration systems, memory cards, geeky watches etc. available in the market. It speaks for the growing demand of the consumer. Today’s smartphone are more or less equipped with multiple technology to perform as a gadget suite. Most of the highe-end mobile or smartphone comes with navigation system, Google maps or similar mapping system. Not to forget that, they are essentially a music player as well.
If you like to travel a lot or are compelled to travel for your business needs, then this article is going to be helpful for you as I am listing the best tech travel gadgets in this list. So let’s have a look at it.

1. Eye-Fi Connect X2 Memory Card

Capturing the moments of travel is always at the top of wish list of any traveler. Your gadget may lack of memory to save your photos and videos. Nothing can be more harassing than this. But you need to feel harassment now as you can use this awesome gadget, named as Eye-Fi Connect X2 Memory Card. This memory card is not like ordinary card. It’s like card or representing the new technology. Whenever you save any pic or video in it, the card automatically sync it with your PC via WiFi connection. You can also connect to top media websites like Facebook, YouTube etc.
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2. Coffee Cup Power Inverter

Due to the lack of electric energy during travel, everyone thinks twice before picking the electronic devices. But you need not to think much now as you can use the Coffee Cup Power Inverter to complete all your electricity related needs to charge your laptop or mobile. This gadget looks like Coffee cup and can be easily fit to the standard cup place on your Car. This gadget offers you the connectivity via USB port.
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3. i’M Watch

Wear this 3rd generation watch on your wrist and stay connected with the world. Yeah, this is not any normal watch to see time. It’s like the watch from look only, but in fact is a great portable gadget. You can access social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. from this watch. You can even connect it to your smartphone via the bluetooth for file and message sharing purposes.
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4. Jawbone UP

Don’t forget to take care of your health while having fun on travel. Most of the people do so, but if you have iPhone and Jawbone UP band, then you are not going to forget about the exercise for your body, while on the move. This band works with iPhone app to give you a detail report of calories, metabolism etc.
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5. The Kube2

Use this full-featured portable device to carry the songs with you on the travel. This smart device can store up to 8,000 songs in it. You can use accessories to further enhance your song listening experience with it. With the good battery backup, you can play the songs for 6 hours continuously.
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5 Best Travel Tech Gadgets
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