Google’s Jelly Bean Vs. Ice Cream Sandwich

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Google has finally released the latest version of Android which is named Jelly Bean. The previous version Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released a couple of weeks ago but a large number of users have not enjoyed it yet.

The reason behind this back to back release of both versions is not known yet. At the moment, there are only a few devices which are officially running on ICS or Jelly Bean. By taking a look at the figures, it has been found that only 15.8% of the existing devices are running on ICS whereas, only 0.8% of the currently available devices are operating on Jelly Bean.

Jelly Bean vs Ice Cream Sandwhich Android

I am pretty sure that many people will have ICS Installed on their devices, for some it is not officially released yet, but here we are strictly talking about the official updates and builds.
Now let us start the comparison between ICS & Jelly Bean so that you can have a better idea.

jelly bean vs ice cream sandwich graph


Users who read android news now and then might know that while developing Jelly Bean, a separate project was launched by the name of “Project Butter”. The basic aim of this project was to improve the speed and performance of the new version of Android, and the project has been quiet successful.
If you are expecting jelly bean to look different than ICS, then let me tell you that the user interface almost looks the same. The difference is mainly in speed. You will clearly know the difference if you try to load a heavy app on both the devices or try to load a web page on both of them. You will see for yourself that Jelly Bean is indeed faster.

Note that the above mentioned facts do not mean that the interfaces of ICS and Jelly Bean are totally identical. There are many new features and options in Jelly Bean, but only the icon shapes and other small details have not been altered.


As written above in the article the outer interface look is the same but the internal interface design has been changed according to the requirements of the users. You will surely enjoy these changes and we guarantee you that you will not even think of going back to ICS after using Jelly Bean.


“Contacts” is one of the most used built in app on every phone. The android users will be familiar with the contact photo feature in Froyo and gingerbread. Google has improved this feature in the contacts list by increasing its resolution, so that the user can easily identify the contact. The contact picture will automatically be downloaded from your Google+ account after synchronization.


The keyboard in ICS and Jelly Bean look similar but the main improvement has been made in the text input. The predictive text input feature is much improved now. The big improvement in messaging is that now you can use messaging dictation feature in offline mode as well. The performance of this dictation feature has also been enhanced due to which it offers better understanding now.


Camera app in Jelly Bean has been significantly improved as compared to ICS. Especially the multiple fast paced photos feature is quiet amazing and works much better and faster than in ICS. Moreover, some changes have been made in the style. Now you can access gallery much faster. While using the camera app, just swipe to the right and the pictures gallery will be opened. After opening the gallery you can again get back to the camera in absolutely no time.

App Management:

Moving, installing, deleting, hiding and all other features that come under the category of app management are exactly the same in ICS and Jelly Bean. Even the style is also same. The only difference is the speed, which the user can judge by naked eye.


YouTube fans will be delighted to know that it has been fully customized and now it looks much better. Now the thumbnail images of the videos will be shown in a much bigger size. Moreover, the extra description and details about the video have been kicked out of this new interface of YouTube. The last improvement is for those who have their channels on YouTube. Now you can access you channels by just swiping right while using the app. This new customized theme of YouTube is much faster and user friendly as compared to the previous one.


After reading about the comparison of both entities involved, you surely will have understood that despite small differences Jelly Bean is obviously better than ICS in all departments. However, the real winner will come forth after some weeks when users give their feedback.

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Writer: This one to one comparison between Adnroid’s current and previous mobile operating system is drafted by Raza who seeks great interest in mobile phones and cell phone operating systems, he has written several articles on Nokia’s Symbian, Samsung’s Bada, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, Apple’s Ios. His articles, features and reviews on smartphones like Samsung can be read here Latest Samsung Mobile Phones.


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