qTrace – The Ultimate Tool for Screen Capturing & Recording Solution

Last night I was working on my blog, and try to capture something from my screen. I was using some kind of so called the best screen capturing tool, but trust me; I was not able to get what I was expecting. This is usual scenario for the others too, what might be the best solution for this? Today, I’m going to explore you a superb tool which is able to capture your entire screen of computer desktop or will help you to record sequences of your screen while working on desktop.

This tool is idol if you want to create bug report while working on a testing or something related. It automates the recording procedure and creates a bug report effectively which can be modified and edited as per your needs. You will get options to save your reports in PDF, Word, JPG formats. It integrates bug tracking tool within to help you out to submit entire and efficient report to any but tracking tool of your choice.

With the help of this tool, you will get more time for your testing work instead of wasting it on documentation work. And the easy to use interface will turn a novice tester into professional. Speed QA cycles and provides better information to development, so your organization can more quickly get quality products to market.

You have four options to capture the snapshot of the single screen – full snap active window only, specific region, selected region or highlighted region of the single screen. If you’re using this tool in complex defects scenario then this will prove your choice correct, as this tool is able to records every screen and every step of a complex software defect scenario. Automatically generates readable narration of the user’s actions. Captures system information such as OS, RAM, Browser type and version, Application version, and makes it available to include into the defect record.

Notable features of qTrace Tool –

Remove unwanted screen(s) – help you to choose only desired work area instead of wastage.

Add call out text.

Highlight areas of the screen.

Point using arrows – highlight the important part using arrows.

Blur sensitive text – help you to distinguish the important text out of the bulk.

Crop a portion on the screen – slice the screen area which is desired as per your need.

If you’re thinking about choosing this tool then you have two options – free and commercial. Free version suits who want to use this tool occasionally or have less work while if you’re an organization then you must go with commercial version which comes to you by paying $49 to upgrade.


qTrace – The Ultimate Tool for Screen Capturing & Recording Solution
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