Top 6 iPhone spy apps

If you’re looking for iPhone spy software to monitor your teen, partner or employee, there is a wide array of options at your disposal. Primarily because iPhone is by far the most popular choice as far as smart phones are concerned; and accordingly the popular a device is the more bases a certain spyware brand would cover. Even so, we’ve shortlisted the top 6 iPhone spy apps that would help you monitor your target as discretely and as effectively as you desire.


This app is small-inclusive tracking app, with everything you need. It offers features ranging from GPS tracking, access to SMS messages, Internet Chats (WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Kik, Line, and Facebook Messenger), Instagram, Tinder, call logs, browser history, recording ambient sounds, recording calls, and remote control of the target device. It does all this discretely and covers everything as far as iOS and Android devices are concerned for seamless and effective monitoring.
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5. Contact Spy


This is a ‘reverse people look up’ app, and can help the user perform a quick search regarding the details of someone from their contact list. The details extracted could be websites that refer to the contact, images that match them, news or blogs regarding them and even their addresses. Furthermore, even those people that aren’t on the list can be looked up. So if you’ve met someone recently and want to know more about them, Contact Spy will help your cause.
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4. Night Recorder


Do you make sounds in your sleep? Do you snore or even talk while asleep? Night Recorder will record all the sounds that you make in your sleep. The app would record all the sounds that the phone can catch from the surroundings after the app is activated. Also, one of the biggest factors that make Night Recorder all the more effective is that it works even when the phone is on standby. The sensitivity of the mic can also be adjusted to match the need of the moment.
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3. Mobile Me

After you enable the ‘Find My iPhone’ app in the settings of Mobile Me, you can then log on to the account at and track your phone if it’s lost. This is one iPhone tracker app that would allow the user to see precisely where their iPhone is, on a map which can be zoomed in and out.
Not only can lost or stolen iPhones can be tracked, the app is particularly useful for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids through their iPhone. The kids can be timely located through the app in case there is an emergency. Also, if you’re tracking a phone the app would also allow you to see the contact details on the tracked phone.
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2. Mobile Spy

This app is an all-rounder in every sense of the term. It allows GPS tracking, records SMS messages – both incoming and outgoing –, monitors emails, views pictures, keeps an eye on browser history, keep tabs on call history – and all this as discretely as possible. This covers every single one of your base as far as iPhone spying is concerned effectively and seamlessly.
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1. Mobistealth

Mobilstealth’s iPhone spy software tops are definitely the king of the crop as far as iPhone spyware is concerned. Anything ranging from monitoring call history, listening to surround sounds to location or data tracking, this app gives you everything you want as you vie to track your target phone. Mobistealth’s is possibly the most comprehensive app for iPhone tracking and it does so as clandestinely as you’ve dreamt of.
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