How to Trace Stolen Laptop?

Most of the time, when a laptop is stolen, the person calls the law enforcement agency to file a report. Most of the time when this happens, the laptop or the computer will never be recovered. However, there is a more simple way and it does not cost you anything. Through this processes, you will know where your laptop was used last or where it is being used because of the IP address. The IP address can be resolved to any location, anywhere in this earth. Instead of waiting for law enforcement team to handle this process on their own, you can help them recover your computer.


However, there is only one limitation to this process. If your computer is stolen before you had downloaded Adeona, which is a free, open source laptop tracing software program, then you can’t trace it.
If you do have a laptop and you want to trace it when it gets stolen, then follow this steps.

Step one:

Search and download Adeona software on to your laptop. Let’s call it computer 1. This is the laptop you want to trace when it gets stolen.

Step two:

Run the program by double clicking on it, and the process of installation. There is a point you reach through the installation, were you will have to choose whether to install the clients software or the recovery tools. Since we are on computer 1, choose the client software options only and then continue. Later, you will be asked to enter a password and then save the file. Save this file to a safe location on a different computer that you will use to track computer 1 with. Let’s call it computer 2.

Step three:

Now, start through the installation process on computer 2. Remember, this is the computer that you are going to use to trace computer 1 with. When you get to the place where you are supposed to select between the two options, choose the recovery tools option only.

Step four:

After completing the installation on both computers, you can test if the software works. Use the recovery computer; which is computer 2. How do you do it? That is the question in your mind now. Well, open both the recovery tool on the computer and the OST file you saved during the setup of computer 1. There are details that you must input, like the date, time and location you may want to search for your laptop. On the location section, select all the locations you want to look for the laptop. This means that you can add as many locations as you like. Then conclude by entering the password.

Step five:

The recovery process may take some time before it is completed. When it completes, you will see a new folder on your desktop. The folder will contain all the details on the location of the laptop. The details that you will get are the date, time, and the IP address information. Now you can take this information to the police for more help.

Note: do not go and recover your laptop alone, as you may end up being killed.

How to Trace Stolen Laptop?
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