Revolutionize the spy industry with an Android mobile spy software

Smartphones have lately hit the world like a storm. Not a day passes by when the graph of the popularity of smartphones does not go up. Android phones are the most widely used and preferred smartphones all over the world. Parents feel that the popularity of smartphones has caused their children to move away from them and they have no control whatsoever over them. An Android mobile spy software can be of great help to parents at this time by helping them keep a close eye on their kids.
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What is StealthGenie?

A software that provides parents with all the information related to their children is indeed a blessing. StealthGenie is one such software that runs discreetly in the background of your child’s Android phone and does not let anybody know about it. This spy software is extremely user-friendly and does not even disrupt any features in your child’s cell phone.

Get started:

To get started with StealthGenie, parents just need to register online for an account with them first. Next they must download this Android mobile spy software in their child’s Android phone and gain access to all the data inside it by simply logging-in with their User ID and password. This software works excellently with all the Android phones from Google, Samsung, Huawei, Acer, Sony Ericsson and other companies. These phones must have an operating system of 2.1 or higher.

SMS messages:

Parents are provided complete access to all the SMS messages sent, received and even saved by their child on their Android phone. If your child has deleted any SMS message from their cell phone, parents get to view that SMS message as well through their online StealthGenie account.

Record surroundings:

StealthGenie provides parents with the ability to record the surrounding sounds of their child’s Android phone whenever they want to.

New generation:

With the new generation simply going bonkers over their Android phones, parents seem to be under the hammer here. An Android mobile spy software helps parents keep tabs on their kids and that too for a more than reasonable price of just $8.33 a month.

Revolutionize the spy industry with an Android mobile spy software
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