Top 5 Tablets for 2012

Till the year 2012, the advancement of the technology has arisen that much that the size of the devices are merging and the features and the functionalities are increasing. Well, in the mean time, let me move the readers towards the past decades when the cordless phones were manufactured.
After that those phones places’ were taken by the small phones, which were used only for the voice transmission. However, in the past decade, the phones were made capable for the voice, as well as the data transmission. In such generation, the new screen touch smartphones and tablets are the demand.
The tablets can be named as the compact PCs or laptops, with touch screen functionality. So, in this post, I have posted all the top 5 rumored and upcoming tablets. In the list, I would first introduce the Microsoft Surface Tablet, which has been launched in June 2012.

1. Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface
Microsoft Surface Tablet operates upon the latest Microsoft OS i.e. Windows 8, which offers the tiles and metro style applications. The Surface tablet has the 10.6 inches touch screen with the Gorilla Glass material which is scratch resistant.
The weight of the Surface tablet is 862 grams and the device is capable of every function of a laptop/ PC. The phone’s display is having a high pixel resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which help the user to watch HD videos.
This tablet has also the USB connector and the touch screen keypads and trackpads.

2. Kindle Fire 2

Kindle Fire 2 is the upcoming tablet PC which the advanced Kindle Fire tablet. The Kindle Fire is one of the most famous tablets, leading in the market. The device is popular as the e-book reader.
Thus Amazon store will again set fires into the media with the launch of its Kindle Fire 2 which is expected to be launched with the 10.1 inches. Earlier, the 7 inches Kindle Fire 2 and 9 inches Kindle fire 2 were expected by the public.
However, the Kindle Fire 2 will also be launched in 8.9 inches variant. The device will be featured with the quad core processor and most expectedly will power the Android OS. And the new one will contain the Google Play store instead of the Kindle Fire.

3. Apple iPad 3 (New iPad)

Apple is the most innovative brand in the world, whose anticipated products are rumored on a very huge scale with quite unexpected features. The latest Apple iPhone 5 is also a different one from the rumored Apple iPhone5 in the youtube videos.
So, the Apple iPad Mini is also one of the most rumored product. The Apple iPad Mini is said to be launched with the 5 inches or 7 inches display. The processor of the iPad Mini will be operated on 1 GHz frequency.
The iPad Mini will not contain advanced features like iPad 2 or iPad 3, but it would be reduced version of these iPads, which will help the company to reduce the price to $200 to $250 range.

4. HP Slate 8

HP Slate 8 is on the number 4 in our list. HP is also not beyond the other brands to launch tablets. Reportedly, the HP brand will launch the HP Slate 8 in future which will feature the Windows 8 OS.
The tablet will contain 10.1 inches touch display which will feature multi-touch inputs and will also carry high resolution. The thickness of the HP Slate 8 will be 9.2 mm and the device will be manufactured with the Aluminium body.
The tablet is highlighted by the company with its advanced sexurity features such as HP Protect tools and TPM Embedded Security application.

5. Acer Iconia Tab A110

The pre-launched Acer Iconia Tab 100 will be advanced with some more features in the upcoming Acer Iconia Tan 110. The device will be launched late in year 2012. The device will carry the 7 inches display with 1020 x 600 pixels resolution.
The device will be powering Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS and 1.2 GHz quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor.
The RAM memory of the device is 1 GB and the device will include 8 GB. The device will also contain the upgradable 32 GB memory using the microSD slot.

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