5 Useful Twitter Tools for Developers

According to Wikipedia, Twitter is defined as an online social networking service and microblogging service which enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”.

It is one of the most popular microblogging websites which plays a pivotal role for bloggers, e-commerce sites, or any other niche website as well as laypersons and celebrities alike.

Here at SkyTechGeek we have surveyed 5 of the Best Twitter Tools which will enable users to integrate twitter service to their websites and web applications, you can use the tools listed below in your applications which will enhance your website and in the manner by which you churn out content enabling your site to go viral.

1. @Anywhere : Integrate Twitter Into Websites

Twitter @Anywhere is an easy-to-deploy solution for bringing the Twitter communication platform to your site. @Anywhere promotes a more engaged user base for your site. Use @Anywhere to add Follow Buttons, Hovercards, linkify Twitter usernames, and build deeper integrations with “Connect to Twitter.”
[button-dark url=”https://dev.twitter.com/docs/anywhere/welcome” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Source [/button-dark]

2. Like It? Tweet It?

Like It? Tweet It! is a jQuery-powered Twitter widget that enables visitors to tweet about your page from a chic box appearing at the corner of you web page. It includes the URL of your website in it and users can fill something personal besides that. The widget uses the @anywhere API of Twitter which already has such a ready-to-use feature but simpler and less customizable.
[button-dark url=”http://pongsocket.com/tweet-it/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Source [/button-dark]

3. Tweet Nest

Tweet Nest is an open source PHP application that automatically archives your tweets and offers you an easy-to-use interface for browsing through them. It can display the new-style retweets, geographic places and links to original tweets + includes thumbnails of media like photos hosted on common providers like TwitPic. Tweets are categorized in months and a good looking yet simple bar chart shows the amount of tweets, retweets and replies you’ve sent every day.
[button-dark url=”http://pongsocket.com/tweetnest/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Source [/button-dark]

4. Ospriet : Twitter Based Audience Monitoring App

Ospriet is an open source web application, built by Twitter, that enables audiences to post and vote on questions/comments for talks, presentations, events, etc. The application works with a dedicated Twitter account and anyone can send a question/comment by simply posting a @-reply to that account. This tweet is then retweeted by Ospriet so that other users can see/favorite it and they will be presented as a list of most favorited entries in Ospriet’s front-end.
[button-dark url=”http://twitter.github.com/ospriet/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Source [/button-dark]

5. Twiter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is a toolkit created by Twitter for kickstarting CSS when developing websites. It is built with Less and consists of base CSS + HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and some more. The grid provided is 940px wide 16-column and, for the layouts, there are solutions for both fixed + fluid ones. Twitter Bootstrap’s HTML elements have a plain-yet-elegant style where form inputs get a nice box-shadow on focus or table rows being highlighted.
[button-dark url=”http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Source [/button-dark]

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