10 Most Astonishing Apps in the New iPhone 5

Upon the release of the currently launched iPhone product which happens to be the iPhone 5 for sale, there have been a high record of sales by the company and because of this I see there is need for many of the iPhone 5 users to know and get details on and about what they are using or will be using. This exactly will help users to get the fullest experience they will ever need to get. In other words, any smart phone owner should be able to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of any part of the phone and that is why you have this post. However, this post will talk mainly about the best set of interesting and enjoyable apps in the iPhone 5. Since this post is talking about apps, you need to know why you should read it.
Below here are lists of some of the ideas gotten as a result of the recent research I made.


Keynote as an application installed in the new iPhone series which happens to be the iPhone 5 is an app which is used by necessary users to create different important presentations attached with themes which are elegantly and superbly created for special beautification and design. It can also create these presentations with different custom styles and animated 3D charts.
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iBook is also an application registered in the iPhone 5 for expandable use and maximum productivity. This is a simple mobile library as it contains hundreds to thousands of selected books with much more ease and flexibility as it opens and change pages with only a flick. However, not all of the books are free, but many of the books in this store are free to read.
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ITunes U

Many of the apps included in this list are of different categories, states and sizes. This app however, helps High School and university students to get free latest and detailed information they need on their phone. With this app, iPhone users can take course from their universities completely and right on this exact app.
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This application is a major app which serves the purpose of millions of iPhone 5 users. This application is a mobile app which can be used to make cards. It can however be called a developed version of mobile photo editor as it gets the best out of photo editing and re making. This app is now an advanced card maker which will help iPhone 5 users to create fascinating cards on which edited photos and images can be placed and later sent as a mail to any address.
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This app turns its users into a mini director as it can perform the function of editing quality videos which are already taken with the help of the iPhone 5’s quality video camera. After taking the video recordings, iMovie turns you into a mini director who will turn the existing videos to quality mini films or thrilling trailers.
[button-dark url=”http://www.apple.com/apps/imovie/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Source[/button-dark]


The activity and work done by this mobile photo editor is simply comprised into three. This app mainly helps you to view, edit and share/send your images. With this app, you can simply do some odd organizing work on your images, you can edit and fine tune images to your designated taste. You can also create beautiful photo Journals which you can send and share with your family and friends.
[button-dark url=”http://www.apple.com/apps/iphoto/” target=”_blank” position=”right”] Source[/button-dark]


With this iPhone designated app, you can easily control your iTunes and the Apple TV on the iPhone like a remote control just doing this over the Wi-Fi connection. You can from any angle you are get a song from the iTunes and play it or better still, you can use it to control the Apple TV.
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With this app, you can get latest and recent podcasts. The podcasts however, might be a video podcast or an audio podcast. To enjoy this access, you will first of all have to get this app after which you will subscribe to get latest podcasts which you can listen to and also watch with ease on this app.
[button-dark url=”http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/podcasts/id525463029?ls=1″ target=”_blank” position=”right”] Source[/button-dark]

Garage Band

The garage band helps and allows you to do things you can do on live instrument with extra ease. This app also has additional features that cannot be carried out on real instruments. It can help you mix songs, edit songs and share them with those you choose.
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With the iCloud application, you can easily retrieve your phone if it is lost, you can also block the phone in tight cases and request if it can be returned. You can simply enable this action by turning on Find My iPhone in the iCloud settings.
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