Choosing Encryption Software: Standard versus Cloud Service

As file encryption software becomes more common, computer users must choose from an increasing number of encryption product platforms. Traditional encryption software is an option that has proven to be reliable over the years while newer cloud service solutions are offering lower cost of ownership and greater versatility. Learning about some differences will help you to choose between standard encryption software and encryption as a cloud service.



Your encryption knowledge level comes into play when determining whether to choose standard or cloud service software. By using cloud service, you do not need to concern yourself with any encryption techniques, terminology or other unique aspects that play a role in this industry. You simply sit in front of your computer, click your mouse and use your computer as needed. The cloud service takes care of the advanced know-how involved in the encryption world. This can be a huge relief for users that want ease, convenience, and security without all the frustration of learning something new.

Installing standard encryption software, on the other hand, involves learning the unique traits of the industry. You must read manuals, install software, understand terminology and know what it takes to keep your software operating properly. You play a key role in maintaining the security of your computer.


Control plays a crucial role in choosing encryption software. By choosing standard software, software manufacturers can place certain requirements on the users. These can include registration, time usage, computer resources and regular updates.

Cloud service software, in comparison, takes control away from you. The cloud service usually has control over what happens with the software, making it super easy for you to use it as needed. Your computer, and online usage, stays secure and safe without you concerning yourself at all.


Simplicity plays a key role in deciding which encryption software program to use. Standard programs can take time, company resources and specially trained personnel to operate properly. As with any standard software program, you must follow manufacturer’s instructions to effectively get the software to operate at optimum levels.

Cloud service encryption software, in comparison, is very simple to use. You do not have to install any software. You can make certain your sensitive information is secure by simply right-clicking on any file. By only right-clicking, you can encrypt the information to anyone you choose, including yourself. The file can be any type or size, another benefit to using cloud service programs. After securing the files, you can easily share with your chosen company, person or people. Sharing can be done via USBs, portals or your chosen type of network sharing method.


A key difference between standard and cloud service encryption software is usability. Standard software offers protection on a specific number of computers. This is usually the computer which it has been installed on. Users need to sit at the computer which has the encrypted software downloaded.

Cloud service software, in comparison, offers centralized administration. All files are kept in one location, in the cloud network. The software makes it easy to audit, report and administer any operational information needed throughout the day.


Cloud service software offers unlimited storage. Standard software is limited to the storage requirements stated by manufacturers.
Choosing your encryption software plays a key role in maintaining your security and safety. Choose wisely to protect you and your company.

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