What is Android Rooting? Both Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to the Android Rooting, there are thousands of questions in your mind. For a layman it is difficult to understand what android rooting is all about. Is it safe to root your device? In this article we are going to talk about all basic ideas and concepts about the android rooting. However before we exactly start our discussion you must take a word of caution. Although, android rooting makes your phone modified and sounds better, but it also void the manufacturer warranty and probably brick it.

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What is rooting?

Android Rooting refers to acquiring the super user rights and permission to the Android software. By this enhanced user privileges you obtain the ability to load the custom software,(ROM) , better performance, install custom themes, giant batter stock, and enables to install uber-cool software, in other words rooting means hacking or jailbreaking your android device.

Why do we call it as rooting?

The term “root” is derived from the UNIX/ Linux world and is used to illustrate a user who has “superuser” rights or permission to all files and programs in the operating system. Since the root user, has all the “superuser” privileges, they can modify any software code on the device. When you happen to buy any phone the manufacturer/carrier only provides you “guest” privileges while purchasing the device. In fact reason behind this attitude is simple as that they screw up your phone or get it completely locked down. If they don’t do it, then if anything goes wrong with your phone, it is get completely not repairable. Therefore, it becomes a little affordable to manage after locking your device, and get back to the same unmodified version.


There are many of advantages of rooting your device. For instance you can install custom Rom on your device, custom themes, improve kernel battery and speed, ability to install the Android’s baseband, and latest version of Android.

Custom Software (ROM’s):

For installing custom ROMs, at first you have to root your device. You see, ROM is software that helps your device to work upon and is stored as an image in “Read Only Memory”. You may find different types that make the phones drastically improved. If you happen to have the older version of operating system on your device then it might not the new updates. With a custom ROM, you can upload the Android version, which is latest and better than earlier.

Custom Themes:

Customs themes are mostly the graphics that appear on the Android screen. After rooting your device you can load the custom themes and customize every graphic image on your device, and change the outlook that suite to your taste.


Rooting your device permits updating your basebands on your smartphone. It one of the vital function as it controls the radio, update the latest basebands, and improves the signal and quality of your device.

Backing your Device:

The after rooting your backing becomes a simple task. These in turn easily back up your Apps and Data that your missed on the stock build of Android device.

Unlocking Additional Features:

By rooting any android device you can also gain the ability to unlock a couple of features, for instance it enables you for the free enabling Wi-Fi and USB facilities.

However, when it comes to the disadvantages does not have many of them. Somehow if you are not a tech savvy person, it might get bricked off and your phone becomes useless. Beside this, sometimes you might also download end up in installing malicious software and hence compromise with the security of the device.

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