What’s the New iPhone 5 Like

The iPhone 5 offers a list of improvements and additions that make it a big step up from the iPhone 4s. At first glance you might think it’s not much different to its predecessor. On closer inspection you will see that it is significantly thinner and lighter, and the screen is larger for the purpose of viewing videos in the size that they are meant to be seen in.

It is now made of the aluminium that makes up Apple tablets and laptops, a good move as the previous glass back was easily shattered. There is a new, smaller connector that unfortunately is not compatible with any existing accessories, but the smaller design is why the phone is now thinner. The connector is also reversible, a great addition if you know the feeling of trying to connect your charger in the dark.


The headphone jack is now situated at the bottom of the phone which may seem odd to some because it means you have to put your phone in your pocket upside down if you have your headphones in, although when you actually handle the phone, you’ll find that you don’t need to change your grip when you slip the phone into your pocket, and this might be something you get used to and feel is actually a good idea. Thanks to the faster processor, browsing the net, using apps, and downloading things has never felt faster or easier on an iPhone. There are significant improvements to the camera with the front facing camera now 720p Face Time is even sharper and higher resolution, and the back camera is 1080p allowing you to make high quality videos. With a 40% faster shutter speed, picture taking is accurate and fast, and extra functions like Panorama mode add some nice quality features.

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