Banner Design : Five Creative Ways Towards A Successful Design

Banner advertising is the ultimate choice for advertising in internet industry. Internet provides an effective medium for promoting multimillion business even by single click and creates an way to get attractive rich content in a colorful and interactive pattern on time. It differs from the earlier traditional mass media by many ways. There are certain rules for banner advertising as dimension should be about 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels long. End result of clicking is getting potential customer. Banner advertising emerged in the year 1994 and now it is the king in marketing. With the latest technology trends, it is getting popularized with the flash techniques. Money making is quite easier via banner designing. Mantra to get money is just a simple click. Let us see successful techniques to gain more money via banner advertisement.

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Animated characters are always the mass hero in the world among all age group. Eg for that is Micky mouse and Tom & Jerry serials and nowadays Dora and Ben Ten serials. online banner advertisement also fall under that category. In the small animated advertisement people can easily get the message. Creators of the animations need to think in different way to overcome the latest trend interest. For fun, visitor just clicks the advertisement and will get tempted and there itself business deal wins. Always animated advertisements reach faster and genuine quality animations in banner advertisement will be rated high.

Bright Colors

There are color psychology effects are available and in online business also it works out. Bright colors always get noted by all visitors. Red color has different impacts in financial and medical site. In finance site,it denotes financial loss whereas in medical site it denotes danger. Always click-through-rate is more for Blue, yellow, and green banners. Preferable colors are the click-through-rate colors in banner advertisements but still depends upon the website it got posted, coloring mechanism also vary. Black-and-white colors also get liked by some. If the prepared site is a flash site as the entire site is flooded with multiple attractive colors and in the top, if the banner get advertised with plain color, it will be more attractive. But click-through-rate colors create more traffic to the site and hence beginners can get success by following it first.

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Free – Free : Magic word in the web

Promotion is the highest wanted medium for making success in the business. Magic mantra word is “free”. Free keyword will get dominate in all media namely photography, software development etc., Trust is the powerful connecting medium between two individuals just conversing online. As get promised in banner advertisement, if they are provided the mentioned items as free, banner advertisement provides double bonanza.

Content – short and crisp

Marketing need to be made short and crisp and banner advertisement is a perfect fit for that. Reason is within 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels long, the content should tell the entire concept behind the product. Creators can conduct competitions among visitors to provide powerful slogans to get fit into banner advertisement.

Picking out the best among the rest is the jargon for banner advertisement

SEO wordpress plugins, sharing plugins and SEO tools are floating everywhere in the internet market. Search engine are the most wanted God nowadays because visitor would like to get results in their first result page itself. Banner advertisement getting advertised in those pages easily reaches the visitors and mostly those web pages display are determined by keywords. Similarly keywords in banner also should be catchy, search engine friendly by passing with SEO tools. Most of the modern generation are expanding their network in social networking sites. Banner advertisement in those sites i.e. ultimately from a page also popularize the advertisements.


Internet is the open medium where hackers and malicious users are roaming in plenty to create holes in software. Through Banner advertisements also, one can easily tamper the network. But one should not create negative impact by using banner advertisements. Money creation is the motto but positive money creation is the best way to achieve success in business. Young business minded people should bear this in mind and get success in life. Banners are always quite impressive in the future web pages as they occupy only little space but the content revealed from it is very catchy. Banner creators really the solo entrepreneurship as they initiate more success to the web page and they are getting paid off for the work they provided. One should stand as the role model for other new comers. By following the above said techniques one can easily become millioner.

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