5 Excellent iPhone Apps for Car Owners

If you are an avid car lover and owner, then your iPhone can actually help you enjoy the experience even more than before. There are many apps designed to help you when in an accident or even to find the cheapest gas. The following applications represent the best of the best applications designed for car owners.

1. eBay Motors

There are many applications out there that can help you find car accessories and even cars themselves. However, eBay Motors is one the best. It directs you to the car centric auctions occurring on the website in one localized place. Thus, you can then shop for a new car or for parts you may need to fix your old one. You can even find a specific car by searching for it with an image you upload. The comprehensive benefits of eBay Motors far outweighs any similar applications.
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2. Carticipate

Car sharing is very well known in Europe, and it is growing in popularity State-side. This app helps connect you to other people who want to share the cost of gas from point A to point B. Essentially, you can search for specific routes anywhere in the world. You will then be connected to other people who are eager to car share their way across the country and world as it comes in six other languages.
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3. GasBuddy

If you have searched in vain for the cheapest gas price in your area, then worry no longer. GasBuddy is here to help you out. It can pinpoint the exact prices of gas in your neighborhood using your iPhones GPS. This application is free, therefore you should not have to pay for one such as iGasUp which charges a whopping three dollars! That is almost the price of one gallon of gas itself.
[button-dark url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gasbuddy-find-cheap-gas-prices/id406719683?mt=8″ target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]

4. Trapster

Trapster is a great application that allows you to see speed traps and common police hangouts along your route. The application uses your GPS to track your location as you drive to your destination. Motorists have actively been able to spot at least 2 million different speed traps. You can even use the application to find traffic lights and cameras that have known to cause trouble. This application is a must for anyone who wants to avoid getting a speeding ticket when out driving. The application is updated daily by other users who notice new speed traps or police in the area.
[button-dark url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/trapster-5.0/id537300021?mt=8″ target=”_blank” position=”right”] Download [/button-dark]

5. Parker

Parker is a great new application that uses specially installed sensors to help motorists find a free parking spot. These sensors have been placed in several large cities across America like Boston or San Francisco. The GPS on your phone helps locate any free parking spots near your current location. As a result, you will not have to waste time looking for a spot. You can even find out how much the meter fees will be before arriving. Some even allow you to pay through the application and reserve your spot ahead of time. This application is a must for anyone living in the cities with the sensors.
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